Viewing the local antiquities

Lily is shaved. 

How I long for lost Lan's twat. Her bush was so stiff that I hurt when she got on top and rubbed herself along me, back and forth. I'd have to lift and re-angle her tiny hips so that her soppy lips rubbed me instead. Then she felt sweet.

But Lily—a tan-line–less Cambodian/Thai dental student, her black hair dyed fashionably orangey-brown—doesn't even have stubble: just sepia skin.

"May I?"

I paddle my index finger in her "pussy."

Soon, she puts her mouth to my nipple and sucks, while she rummages between my sprawled legs for my dick and yanks on it. And ultimately she uses a professional trick: She rubs the secret spot on the top of my shaft that makes a man come whether he wants to or not.


My eyes were closed; I thought her lips were at my perenium, when in fact her wet finger was. Her little round belly just touches my leaking dick as she kisses her way up to my nipples, then thup-thup-thups one, then the other with her tongue.

Each erects: Who would have thought it?

She moves down my torso and sucks on my balls: Her rough tongue on the underside where there's not so much hair. She cleans me like a cat cleans its fur. Though I can't see her tonguue, I'm sure it's small, pointed, and pink. She presses up on my sack; I feel my balls move apart, aching slightly.

"Your hair is too long."

"I should put ribbons in it?"

She carefully laps at my hair 'til it's not moist but wet, then places the sticky strands to one side. Then she licks me again.



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