Viewing the local antiquities

"Too big": 
What I thought right away when the mama-san led her out, answering my glance with "She good. You like her." So I thought the house would do the right thing by Jennifer's regular.

"May I turn the air conditioning down?"

"Everyone wants air conditioning."

She blows air on my anus but doesn't offer the specialité de maison. And when she's turned me over and barely started to suck me—

"I'm going to come"—

she scrambles to fit herself over me, squats just in time, and thwacks heavily five or six times, moaning.


Naked, she faces the air conditioner, having turned it to high, fanning her boobs with both hands. I feel the blast of chilled air.
"Stop. Stop. Do you think I haven't been to a place like this before? I can do this at home."

"You should have said a hand job first, then sex."

Downstairs, out the door: A painless extraction.



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