Viewing the local antiquities

Her hands on my cheeks, 
face down I push up my ass, relieving the pressure. She rubs warm oil down the backs of my thighs, down the backs of my calves. She raises my right foot, hammers my instep, and pulling each toe makes my cartilage snap snap snap snap snap. [Repeat, left.] I spread my legs slightly and sigh. She runs her hands from my feet up my legs, brushes my balls then kneads my neck, my shoulders. [Repeat, left.] She works down my bicpes, my forearms, down to my fingers: snap snap snap snap snap. She works more on my neck, works down, down, down, to my cheeks, kneads them, cups them:


I push my ass up against her hands, feeling the warmth, the oil, her palms.

Then her hands leave me.

A drawer slides open, then shuts. Latex crackles.

Something, a fingertip, lays down a bead of cool goo at my asscrack, then smoothly and surely works into my anus three knuckles deep.

All without saying a word.



I can imagine that would feel real good. I heard that if the prostate gland is massaged it can cause a wild orgasm

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 19, 2005 1:42 PM  

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