Viewing the local antiquities

Taking my pleasure 

Taking Angel from behind

Taking the plastic bag with the crackers
The spoon
The tin
The blue ice pack
From Petrossian's to the door of her brothel

Taking her hand as she leads me upstairs

Taking the money out of my wallet

Taking my time

Taking my time while I eat
Digging in

Chewing with my mouth open
Chewing with her mouth open


Taking a breather

Taking my pleasure
Taking Angel from behind
Taking my Angel from behind
Having taken her call

Taking my pleasure in the sound of her
Taking my pleasure on her
In her
With her

Whirr of the vacuum
On the stairs
In the hall
At the door

A slow afternoon

Someone else in the house
Knowing the regular's going at it with Angel
Hearing us do it
Jealous: The caviar Angel will be sure to tell her about
Jealous: Angel's take-home
Jealous: That Angel goes home

The wood frame of the table, creaking
Ripe smacks
Slick sounds of the slippery slippy slip slipping slit slipped
Cinderella taking it hard
Capricious lubricious salacious delicious—

Taking Angel from behind
Taking pleasure
Taking my pleasure
Take two

Taking up the position
Hauling her hips up
Squeezing her cheeks
Throwing my head back

A cry caught in the throat

I'll take a—
I'll take a—
I'll take a—

Mother of pearl
Her unseeable smile

"It's raining, so you are lonely."

Taking my pulse

Taking my pleasure
Taking Angel from behind
Taking my Angel from behind


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Absolutely beautiful writing. Thank you.

By Blogger Mandy, at May 01, 2007 9:42 PM  

Thank you, Mandy. This post was a departure for me; more overtly lyrical than usual.

Feel free to poke around the site; it's very rich, as the index shows.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at May 02, 2007 4:56 AM  

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