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Luxe, calme, volupte 

Annie is blowing me bareback:

With a gulp she engulfs me, as if she loves her food: She eats me avidly, as if she were seizing the last lump of foie gras: not with a fork or even her fingers, but ducking her head right down to the plate, then licking the china clean of its sauce, all with such grace that her greed appears mannerly.

Gravity bells Annie's breasts: They sway with her head's action: She sucks my nipples hard while I roll hers between wet fingertips: She sucks me, slaps me back and forth with her tongue: stings me with suction, takes a break, nibbles once or twice with her incisors: I reciprocate, snapping her big nipples hard with my nails. Her warm belly presses my hard cock.

After three years, Annie must have discovered others saw she was no longer young, and extended her repertoire: When after licking and sucking and bathing my balls until my cremaster fully relaxed, and I let myself sink fully down into her warmth she trailed her sweet tongue down my perineum, snuggled her hands under my thighs, gently urged them upwards, taught me once again what I wanted:

Then I'd put my hands on the backs of my thighs and pulled back: shifting my center of gravity up: ready to swing on the soft point of her tongue:

Now Annie rims me once more: dipping quickly into my anus: now circling my rim: now fluttering back up my perineum: now lifting my balls, right at the hairless patch: now after a puff of breath's cool evaporation down at and into my glowing asshole once more, more deeply this time: my hole spreads round her tongue. I can feel it.

Strange for a man to feel that his legs exert no leverage: Not standing, walking, running; feet not planted, or stepping; knees not taking weight at prayer or when doggy-styling; toes not curled for balance, or digging down into the bedspread during missionary.

Moaning, I pull my thighs still further back: my legs flop open yet more widely: My round heels dangle in the open air—

Annie rocks back on her heels, smiling: satisfied with her work:

"Tout c'est dur."

I never saw Annie undress: by the time I'd come out of the shower she'd already be naked, her hands laced behind her head, golden hair spilt on the pillow: her strong legs, too, spread wide for me: her thighs, too, loosened for me: on whichever bed in whichever room: opened for me on whichever duvet we never took down.



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