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Why I like girl-on-top. 

The disadvantages:

1. She tends to grind for her proprioceptive pleasure and her come, but that doesn't help me at all; I need penetration.

2. I bear her weight. I always let Annie start out on top, if she wanted, because I felt that she liked it. In fact, she was too heavy for my taste, especially after Lan, who weighed 88 pounds.

The advantages:

1. Her flesh gives good sound, though not as good as doggie style. Belly thwacking ass trumps ass (or, when she squats, ass and thighs) thwacking thigh; it's more resonant, richer, more propulsive.

2. We both have access to each other's nipples.

3. She can show off her pelvic reciprocation.

4. If I need to I can control pace and penetration by gripping her haunches.

5. If she is tiny, she will seem weightless, and if she is juicy as well, as Lan was, I feel as if I am penetrating upward into the clouds, or the sky.


No wonder the Korean girls want to be taught their Rs and Ls—hour, dollar, shower, towel, lie down, turn over...

Blow job, rim job, doggie style... Even missionary.


Oie's protocol 

  1. Collect the money.

  2. Ask him to take his clothes off and lie down.

  3. Go to the back, count the money and test with the pen, settle with the mama-san.

  4. Return, ask the john to get up.

  5. Wrap the towel around him.

  6. Take him to the table shower room.

  7. Have him remove his towel and hang it up.

  8. Check the temperature of the water in the tank, and adjust if necessary.

  9. Using the plastic bucket, swirl hot water over the table mat. Repeat.

  10. Have him lie face down on the table.

  11. NOTE: Throughout, check for sores, abrasions, etc.

  12. Swirl hot water onto his back.

  13. Get the sponge soapy and clean his upper body:

    1. Far side (shoulders, arms, hands, fingers)

    2. Back

    3. Near side (shoulders, arms, hands, fingers)

  14. Rinse. Refresh sponge.

  15. Clean his ass, including the crack and the asshole.

  16. NOTE: Watch for reactions that show he wants you to play with his asshole.

  17. Rinse. Refresh sponge.

  18. Clean his legs (calves, thighs, soles of feet):

    1. Far side

    2. Near side

  19. Rinse. Refresh sponge.

  20. Ask him to turn over.

  21. Swirl hot water over his legs, belly, chest, crotch.

  22. Get the sponge soapy and clean his upper body.

    1. Far side

    2. Chest and belly

    3. Near side

  23. Rinse. Refresh sponge.

  24. Clean his legs (calves, thighs, feet and toes)

    1. Far side

    2. Near side

  25. Rinse. Refresh sponge.

  26. Clean his crotch:

    1. Far inner thigh

    2. Near inner thigh

    3. Dick:

      1. balls (optionally, asshole again)

      2. shaft and head

      3. NOTE: Watch for reactions that show he wants a hand job

  27. Rinse his crotch.

  28. Ask him to sit up on the edge of the table.

  29. With a washcloth, wash his face.

  30. Rinse again: face, shoulders, belly, crotch.

  31. With a clean towel, dry his face.

  32. Ask him to stand up.

  33. Facing him, dry him, top to bottom.

  34. Turn him around, dry him, top to bottom.

  35. Wrap the towel around him.

  36. When he steps out of the shower room, kneel down and dry his feet.

  37. Return to the room.

  38. Ask him to take off the towel and lie down again.

  39. Go away, douche yourself, check the queue with the mama-san, and return.

  40. Massage back [details omitted].

  41. Ask him to turn over.

  42. Massage front [details omitted].

  43. At the foot of the bed

    1. Remove your uniform

    2. Lube yourself

    3. Lay out three sheets of tissue near his legs (nipples, dick)

    4. Leave a condom near the pillow

  44. Suck his nipples:

    1. Bed side

    2. Mirror side

  45. Kiss your way down his belly to his crotch.

  46. Suck his dick

    1. Use a tissue to clean off any precome

    2. Tongue his balls once

    3. Tongue the loose skin on the shaft facing you

    4. OPTIONAL: If he showed he wanted play during the table shower, lube your finger and put it up his asshole

    5. Roll the condom onto his dick with your lips and tongue

    6. NOTE: Watch his reactions and adjust as necessary

    7. NOTE: If he comes, it counts against the money

  47. Say "Would you like to put it into my pussy?"

  48. Kneel over him, bring his tip to up against you, insert, and push him up into you slowly by squatting.

  49. Fuck him. Vary your action as necessary.

    1. NOTE: Get him to come as fast as possible without dislodging the condom and spilling come.

    2. Quick jerk up, slower down (less chance of a spill).

    3. Suck his nipples while you're in action

    4. When he starts to come, double your speed

    5. After he comes, get him out of you as fast as you can, while he's still hard (less chance of a spill).

  50. Remove the condom and wrap it in one of the tissues.

  51. Use the other two tissues to clean any fluids off him.

  52. Say "Hot towel" and leave the room.

  53. Return with the towel and clean his dick, balls, and crotch with it.

  54. Invite him to stand.

  55. Invite him to dress.

  56. Lead him to the door.

  57. Kiss him goodbye.

  58. Shut the door.

  59. Go up front to the mama-san and check for the next john to greet.


It's hard to resist 
the conclusion that the "world's oldest profession" is so old, not only because of the nature of men, women, and men and women in the world, but because of the nature of the professions themselves.

Humans rent the use of their bodies, minds, and spirits. We call that a wage (by the hour) or a salary (by the life).

Humans rent the use of their bodies, minds, and spirits for sex. We call that an evil. But what is the difference?

If I sell the use of my hands and my head, I'm a worker. If she sells her cunt, she's a whore. But what makes one part of the body more or less sacred than another?

Humans use their skills in language and empathy to earn their living. If I lie on a couch, alone, with a psychiatrist who's known hundreds of souls, and then pay by the hour because otherwise I won't value the service, then lie on a bed, alone in another way, with a whore who's known hundreds of souls, and then pay by the hour again, is there a real difference?

A service provider is well-paid to tell clients what they want to hear. If what they want to hear is a PowerPoint slide show, we call the provider a consultant. If what they want to hear is some thwacking and grunting and moaning, we call the provider a whore. If there's a difference, what is it?

I know love can't be bought (my psychiatrist loved me), but pleasure can be, and trust and respect often flow from business transactions. Even affection, and intimacy.

Tell me again why whoring is different?


Pretty things 
1. Brushing her hair gently back from her forehead. 2. Lan's fluids gilding the sides of my dick as she rises up me and the sun shines through her opened legs. 3. The glitter on the eyelids of the whores at 8141.

Other related things.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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