Viewing the local antiquities

"All my life" 
Down the red-carpeted hall to the shower room:

"I come from far away." High-pitched; the tone she would use to show deference in her culture?



I'm on all fours, she's behind me, pegging me with her finger: Her probing lacks ruthlessness, lacks reciprocation, even when I push my ass back, but now, as I spasm, spurt, leap, she keeps jerking me off with her warmoiled spoogey grasping left hand, pegging me with her right index, even as I'm gasping and trying to crawl away from the pleasure.

Thank God she laid down a towel.

"It's no good."

As with her sisters, her cube-mates, we went through the changes: Her on top, doggy style, finally missionary. And though I was hard, and though she was active and her flesh gave good sound, even though she gave me some vocalization, I just couldn't come.

Pulling out carefully, I slide down the bed, stretch out between her legs, lay my head on her breast. She links both arms round my shoulders.

"All my life I have always come two times. The first time, quick; the second time, slow. I don't know why I can't anymore. Can you help me?"

High-pitched: "You need to make sperm. After the first time, you need to make sperm, and then you can come. Next time, I give long massage, and your balls can make enough sperm."

"What's your name?"




Quite common that men aren't machines. Give yourself a break!

By Blogger Trish, at June 28, 2004 10:39 PM  

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