Viewing the local antiquities

Today I paid off 
a small student loan: {2000}, of which about half was the costs of not having paid it off, some of which went to the family lawyer. Oh well.

That would be.... 14.3 hours with a whore at the typical rate in the city. Was this education worth that education? In today's market? I'm not sure.

The Economist publishes the Big Mac Index. "Burgernomics," they claim, "is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity, the notion that a dollar should buy the same amount in all countries."

Wouldn't "whornomics" be more useful and interesting?


Across the parking lot  
I spot the corner-curled red-and-white striped zoning violation notice pasted to the green door at 2221.

"Prostitution." Who knew?

Guess a new brothel is in order. Of which there are many. And of course, that once found, a reliable whore.


What does the mirror add? 
I already know that I'm fucking her.

And thoroughly. A single-minded thwacking banging thudding wallopping cock-cramming ass-boosting cheek-squeezing puppy-like whimpering headboard-slamming grunting puffing digging-in bang.

Entirely free of finesse. Looking down to my left, though very busy, I see myself jerking into her, up her, working, working, working: I headless and pale, she gold, black hair spilling, clutched cheeks presenting; the image of the two of us joined sin in the pink light of her cube seeming smaller reflected.

I'd asked for a handjob first, so I had some endurance.

As Oie hammocks herself back into her halter, I hear paper crackle: She's folded my tip next to her skin.

So the mama-san doesn't know the whole take.


She takes me out by the back way, 
through the storage room with the mops and the buckets, the big blue spring water bottles for the watercooler, the cases of paper towels, baby oil, HandiWipes.

And here are the skimpy dresses: The house has a uniform supplier!

And bird-kisses me before shutting the door.


  1. again
  2. alive
  3. and go
  4. around to the idea
  5. as you are
  6. clean
  7. down
  8. down with
  9. early, late, on time
  10. from behind
  11. hither
  12. home, away
  13. on
  14. on board
  15. on down
  16. on over
  17. over
  18. through
  19. through for
  20. to
  21. to an end
  22. to think of it
  23. undone
  24. up
  25. up with
  26. what may

Easy come, easy go.


The cruder variant, cum, is not so rich with associations, though it might connote the Latin "with", for some.


Thanks to Antiquarian DTG for additional material.

Remorseful things 
1. I saw Jade1 on Rivoli. She waved at me and I didn't respond, because I didn't recognize her out of context. And I never saw her again.

Other related things.


the first set of yellow pages falls open to Escort, and the second to Massage.


Is every Korean brothel 
next door to an Oriental restaurant?

The restaurant's on the first floor. I take the elevator up, and there's the mama-san deveining shrimp into a big white plastic bucket.

And surely the smell was only the shrimp, and not the salty warm stale occupational aroma of the whores.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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