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It's hard to resist 
the conclusion that the "world's oldest profession" is so old, not only because of the nature of men, women, and men and women in the world, but because of the nature of the professions themselves.

Humans rent the use of their bodies, minds, and spirits. We call that a wage (by the hour) or a salary (by the life).

Humans rent the use of their bodies, minds, and spirits for sex. We call that an evil. But what is the difference?

If I sell the use of my hands and my head, I'm a worker. If she sells her cunt, she's a whore. But what makes one part of the body more or less sacred than another?

Humans use their skills in language and empathy to earn their living. If I lie on a couch, alone, with a psychiatrist who's known hundreds of souls, and then pay by the hour because otherwise I won't value the service, then lie on a bed, alone in another way, with a whore who's known hundreds of souls, and then pay by the hour again, is there a real difference?

A service provider is well-paid to tell clients what they want to hear. If what they want to hear is a PowerPoint slide show, we call the provider a consultant. If what they want to hear is some thwacking and grunting and moaning, we call the provider a whore. If there's a difference, what is it?

I know love can't be bought (my psychiatrist loved me), but pleasure can be, and trust and respect often flow from business transactions. Even affection, and intimacy.

Tell me again why whoring is different?



hi there. i definitely agree with you--there is a break in consistency in what we're legally allowed to sell. as far as i can tell, the biggest problem society has with prostitution is that the woman's sexuality belongs to no one man. she uses her sexuality as she sees fit, and profits handsomely from it (at least the high class courtesans sure did--but if she has a pimp, then this description goes out the window). a rich housewife basically trades sexual access (and fidelity) for a nice house in the burbs' and vacations in the hamptons. so how exactly is she morally superior to the "working" girl (in the classical sense)?

thank you very much for your input. i am assuming you've been a "john" more than a few times. aside from the stereotype that all hookers are unhappy and abused, there is also the lingering stereotype that "johns" are generally maladjusted anti-social individuals. the truth is, the oldest profession in the world wouldn't be so enduring and persistent if it didn't get most of its clientele from the mainstream ranks of society. (an aside, my dad and 2 brothers have paid for sex, and i hardly consider them anti-social and maladjusted, though i consider my older brother maladjusted for far different reasons)

there is alot of hysteria and hypocrisy regarding prostitution, and that is very disappointing to me. especially when most of this is coming from the very clients (crooked politicians and moralizers who get paid nookie on the side) that support the economics of prostitution. it's almost like the christian fundamentalist women who picket the abortion clinics they use for themselves when they're knocked up (i have heard many many stories of these women from clinic workers).

By Blogger laura, at August 29, 2004 8:41 PM  

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