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I thought she was Pammie 
who blew me bareback, but she turned out to be Karina; inspection showed a silver ring through the right of her two tiny teats.

Her hair: henna'ed, cut short like a suburban matron's. Her lips: Candy Apple red.

Soon enough I pulled out and looked down and saw a tiny white bleb at the tip of the rubber, but I put myself to her lips and again she pushed her mouth over me.
I pulled out soon enough and laid back, grasping my cock and holding it vertical. She said, "All the guys want that, and it's too much work for me," but I was her first of the night so she consented, scunched her slick lips all the way down my belly, got up on her knees, reached under herself with her right hand and grasped me, put me to her, and squatted. I put my hands on her hips and shoved up and pulled down. Even, as advertised, "petite," she so much bigger than Lan that I didn't feel I was splitting her open, didn't feel there was another world inside her on the other side of her a world I was bursting through to raising my head above water to air and—
Sniffed: smelt her, lubricating:

Thick. Heavy. Spicy. Metallic:.

Such a small girl. Such a loud smell.

I sniffed again, louder, said "Wait," and pulled out.

"I want to try this:"
She got down on all fours and presented; I knee-walked up to her. Again her right hand: She reached up and out from between her thighs and knowing just where my dick must be blindly grasped me and put me against her. I mounted her, shoved myself in her and up her and shoving and shoving and shoving I felt myself lengthening stretching out sweetening knew I would come. I heard my thighs and my gut slap at her butt, heard her huff as I pumped her, knew I would come if I kept to it, grasping she'd thrust her butt, up, to take me celebrating the slung curve of her spine her bare neck, red hair spilling spilling either side of her hung down head. Raising my head up I straighten my shoulders and push her cheeks down and together with both hands to hold her in place and shove myself up her, know I will come pull out and push in, feel my tip flower and hear myself pant: hear her grunt: throb: freeze: feel myself swell: squeeze her cheeks hard round me and —

come come come come come come come come come come come. Come.
Come. Come.
I wanted to hold myself in her still hard inhaling her spunk but felt space crinkle open because the the latex between us still stuck to her twat's juicy walls as my cock shrank. I decunted, rocked back on my heels, looked down, saw our condom sagging pale yellow with its load of warm semen.

I put my thumb and forefinger at my base where the condom rolls up, peeled it off me, walked back to the trash and laid it down there.

She sat up and reached for her dress.
Next morning, when I step out into the frost to pick up the paper, a thick O of red lipstick on the frosted glass door to the street.


Questions for study and discussion

The next time you take a girl doggie style, note and be prepared to discuss:

  1. Did you feel your balls swinging?

  2. Try to shove in so hard that you raised her ass up in the air?

  3. When you were all the way in, what did you feel with your pubic hair?

  4. What does your belly feel?

  5. If you reach under to fondle her tits, does that change your angle of attack and how do you feel?

"No driver at your door" 
is what the ads in the classifieds say. Showered, I sit barefoot on the landing at the top of the front hallway stairs: clipping my fingernails, looking down through the inner door's frosted glass window, out down the hallway well, through the outer door's glass to the street.

White headlights, diffused. Again. And again.

Red lights flare, slow, disappear. A quick blur as the outer door opens in: A figure inclines: checking the names by the doorbells.

I step down and open the inner door.

She looks up.


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Disquieting things 
1. Hearing her take a really loud crap while I'm waiting. 2. A john with a carrying voice in the adjoining cube. 3. Doors to other rooms that open off the room we are in. 4. Signing in to the building.


Lan lifts 
her tiny legs, clamps her heels to my ass on my downstroke.

"Fat... and bone," she said of her thighs, once:

Now they shake and quiver as I pound her then I'm suddenly soft.

And for once with a small girl I'd found the right angle when I was on top.


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All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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