Viewing the local antiquities

In early October, the girls 
make arrangements for next spring's tuition.

Her thin arms X as she pulls her top over her head: No bra, pink nipples, perky breasts that still bob: She's at most a sophomore: She's almost unused. Now she steps out of her pumps, tugs down her skirt: practical plain cotton panties.

Her blue exercise books lie on the desk, open: She's writing her take-home English exam in the Novatel room the agency took for her. How do they make the connection? Through the weeklies? Girlfriends or family? Sororities? Something tribal? A departmental cabal?

After the blowjob:

She prone on top of me, I throwing my head back, clenching my teeth, straining the cords of my neck, thumbs on her firm cheeks, palms on the points of her hips, pulling my cock out, pushing me up her, pulling her down me:

Hungrily, hastily, thoroughly rutting: Like a quickie while the others chat in the next room, laughing, flirting, clinking glasses: coats and purses piled up on the bed, under us; the only light from the crack under the door: We build a come as fast as we can before someone tactlessly asks where we are.

"Culle-toi," Gabrielle2 says.

Stick to me.

Naked I part the red curtains; sweep them open with a rasp of brass rings. The hotel room, set high on the mountain, looks south to the rivers: Left and right, dull silver gleets trailing down from the lips of the mountain. Through the darkening leaves of the trees on the slope, gold lamps spangle the indigo deepening blurring the street grid.

Under the window, on a ledge of the slope, tracks: A train grumbles by, making its way out to the bainlieu: rows of heads, boxed in the warm yellow windows of the silver ribbed cars: Rush hour sarari-men return for the night, until day, to their wives, their children, their houses, their homes.

Gabrielle2 rests a hand on my shoulder.



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THE FOUR SEASONS: Spring, summmer, fall, winter.


It's my pleasure Mr Smythe; your site is engrossing.

By Blogger SemiKim, at February 07, 2005 1:45 AM  


By Blogger John Psmyth, at February 07, 2005 8:13 PM  

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