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It's touching, and strange, to follow a reader through stats. You click here, here, and here; and I've touched you there, there, and there. A mutual path across a body we share. What we know, we have touched; what we feel, we must guess or infer.

"What are you thinking," she asked me while I was sucking her nipples, amazed at their puffiness. The answer, then, was, I'm not thinking anything, except what to do next. Should I go for the panties? Although, a moment ago, I'd wondered if her nipples were hurting her, they were so big. But I couldn't say that.


Above all, no sentimentality. 

All that week I got hard when I thought about what to ask Jade1 for the next time she serviced me. What sensations, how long, how much; could I cut out the agency so we both got more money?

{140} for one service is too much, since other agencies give me two services for that price; but she is young, slim, and Asian, and so she commands a premium. Two services would be {210}; we both know that's too much. How about {180} for two services with no blowjob but she does suck my balls? {240} for three services in one and a half hours? What about a handjob for a throwaway come? What about the whole night?

This morning at the bus stop, I stood in line behind a young Chinese girl: the curl of her glossy hair, nestled about her ear, the earlobe I'd like to nibble on; the private curve of her cheekbone, just seen from the back. She stood so straight, braced against the weight of her backpack. A serious girl.


So what is sex but the exchange of fluids? 

Jade2 enters, almost toppling from her platform shoes. She holds a torn strip of paper with a phone number on it, not mine, daubed in crude red magic marker.

I came softly as she sucked on my balls. She didn't even need to blow me; she kept sucking, though. As she bathed me with her warm tongue, I felt the pooled come on my belly separate, and the runny part suddenly, coolly, trickle down my thigh. Her tongue still tugged at my sack. She didn't even know she could stop.

Since she was so fresh, I asked "May I eat you?"

"If you want to." Shyly.

With the pillow I shoved under her ass, she splayed her thin legs wide and put a hand over her eyes: She had shaved or been shaved: Twin lips like a round brown nut with a slit showing pulp, pink: burst open when it fell from the tree. I laid my index finger between her outer lips; she was barely not dry: gummy.

I rocked back on my heels. A silvery rope of saliva spanned her puffy red twatlips.

She might really have been 18; she said "Thank you," on her way out the door. The next time I called for her, she was no longer working.



In the material below, all whores are women, but not all women are whores.

1. When did you first come?


2. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt?


3. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt and enjoy it?


4. When did you first come inside a whore's cunt?


5. Did you enjoy it?

Very much.

6. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt using a condom?


7. Did you ever come inside a whore's cunt not wearing a condom?


8. When did a woman first give you a hand job?


9. When did a whore first give you a hand job?


10. When did you first fingerfuck a woman?


11. When did you first fingerfuck a whore?


12. When did you first eat a woman's cunt?


13. When did you first eat a whore's cunt?

1999, the once. No, once before, in 1998.

14. When did you first come inside a woman's mouth?


15. Were you wearing a condom?


16. When did you first come inside a whore's mouth?


17. Were you wearing a condom?


18. Have you ever come inside a whore's mouth not wearing a condom?

Yes, in 1999.

19. Have you ever come inside a woman's ass?

Not yet.

20. A whore's?

Again, no.

21. Have you ever come with a man?

With the exception of myself, no.

22. Are you curious?



Lan's got her lips pursed 
because her mouth's full of come, my come, and she doesn't swallow.

Miraculous intimacy! That's what I thought when she sucked me off, as someone of my generation would—though not, perhaps, someone of hers.

I angle my shaft towards her mouth with my hand, and achingly feed myself in: Her lips, tongue, palate engorge me: I lengthen: huge like a shunga print. I pull out and see my taut skin bubbled and slick with her spit.

Lan's head is raised up by two pillows. Kneeling between her splayed legs, huge, I thrust into her mouth. Looking down, almost from heaven, I see her cheeks hollow, see her elegant philtrum, dreaming eyelids, broad brow: her hair cut straight across her forehead, her white parting: the glossy black hair of the well-bred Asian daughter: the youngest of the family; the Stanford graduate.

All Lan knew how to do, despite Cosmo's best efforts, was tighten around me, bob her head, and let me come in her mouth. I didn't, then, know what to ask for.

Lan never swallowed, and I never asked her to open her mouth, never saw my deposit coating her tongue, never Frenched her to taste what she tasted.

Perhaps Lan remembers me leaping: bumping her palate: spraying the back of her throat; perhaps she remembers the iron smell of my bush prickling against her nostrils.

Every moment was precious.


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Between the first and second service 
we rest spoon fashion, my belly to her back, my nose in her blonde hair: keeping my still-drying moist crotch and soft dick just shy of her asscrack:

My arms are around her.

I don't have to talk; I just listen; breathing out, breathing in:

Gabrielle1 reaches her undermost arm up and puts her hand into mine: Completing the circle.

The things whores don't have to do, that they do.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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