Viewing the local antiquities

"Sou' tack" 

Angel has stepped out to douche herself and lube for the second service:

Korean birdsong wakes the dim silence: not a twitter, a cooing comes through the thin walls: simple words, simple meanings: long swooping dipthongs accompanied by the rumble of negotiation.


"That girl is so noisy."

"I told her: When you talk I want to put on my Walkman."

"She's young and she has a baby."

And now come the cries: gasps: inhalations: moans: In the next cube she's getting it, and he's giving it to her. Though, oddly, or not, there's no sound from a jouncing bedframe, no sound from a headboard banging the wall, no slap of flesh.

"We have a sou' tack."

I look a question.

"Sound tack."



Oh! Oh!

Kneeling, head thown back, belly still, I clasp Angel's cheeks, still up her:

Oh? Oh! Ooooooh!

And still on all fours, from below, Angel speaks:

"I know what your fantasy is."


"Doing it with a soundtrack!"

"That's not my fantasy, I came too fast!"

I lay down my belly and chest down along her moist back, bend my head to kiss, Asian style, the back of her neck, her shoulders: reach both hands under her, cup her breasts, tug her distended nipples:

Still up her:

As we talked, she'd been kegeling me.


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