Viewing the local antiquities

Sunday services 

Often the mama-san is lax, and if I hit the shift change I can sleep with my whore for several hours while paying for two, which will be OK with her; she'll be tired from Saturday night.

I take my Viagra an hour before, call up to make sure they turn the hot water on for the table shower, and eat a banana just before going in, for the potassium and so my stomach won't growl. The Sunday Mail in the plastic bag from Kim's Newsstand will seem to re-assure her—whoever she ends up being.

A nameless Korean wearing white lace pleased me by taking my arm and marching me down to the baths as if down the aisle.

How she sluiced round first one then two fingers as I pulled her forward to my mouth with my right hand whose fingers were up her pressing her motte, as I slurped her right nipple erect, her left nipple erect, then back—

"So the other one doesn't get jealous," as Annie would say. My left hand resting gently spread wide over her shoulder blades, my right pinning her in place by her cunt, my mouth, lips, tongue teasing her.

She went to sleep with my arms wrapped around her, snoring tinily.


Spending and coming 

How to buy depends on where you are. I use streetwalkers only in the historic prostitution districts of Paris; otherwise I use escorts (in-call or out-call), or go to brothels ("massage parlors." In the U.S., the massage parlors that aren't brothels are usually called "licensed.") You can do research using newpapers or, in a pinch, the Yellow Pages; the web is a last resort, since web prices are higher. Of course, in Victoriaville, just walking a Downtown street with open eyes is a form of research: The buildings identified only with very large numerals are most often brothels.

In a brothel, the front door will almost always be ajar: walk in, ring the bell at the inner door: they'll buzz you in. Sometimes a girl—your whore, or rather the whore the house proposes for you—will answer the door; other times the mama-san will answer, and either roust a whore out for you, or let you choose one from a lineup.

For escorts, call the agency, ask who's working, state your specifications, settle on the girl, the price (confirm "for a full hour?"), the time, and directions to the door (hers or yours). I confine specifications to body type, preferring to discuss the details of services with the girl herself, in person.

How much you will spend for her services depends on the business models of the agency (or the brothel), and the whore herself1. In a brothel, there will always be an up-front fee for the house, with additional fees for additional services. With an escort, I confirm the price from the agency with her; the two should be the same. The understanding of what constitutes an "extra" will vary by the region, by what part of the city you're in, and by how she perceives your level of experience and profit potential (don't argue, or haggle, or play dumb). In Victoriaville, sucking her tits isn't an extra; in the state of Ohio, it may not even be possible. With an escort on the Mountain one hour lets you come twice; Downtown, once. In some brothels, a handjob ("release") during the table shower is on the house; in others, not. In some brothels, with some whores, {100} buys you one round of sex ("full service"); in others, with others, it buys you one hour of whatever you want, as many times as you want.

Say what you want before handing over the money2. "Sex, two times." "A blow job, then sex." ("Half and half.") "An oil massage to release." "An oil massage to release with a prostate massage." "Do you kiss?" "A rim job." When you've handed over the money, most likely she'll have a script in her head for how she plans to spend the time with you. Let her lead you into it, since reduced anxiety for her means better service for you3. Then adjust.

Practiced, showered, clean, erect, in funds: I'm ready, and prepared to suspend disbelief in the illusion she can create: The illusion that, for this one hour, she gives me her total attention4, an attention so total it could be only for me, not just anyone; that this hour is the first of many to come, not the latest of a long series, or the first or fifth of the day. She will have had hundreds, perhaps thousands, of men, and the reality of whoring is that you take the place of any one of those men: You are a cipher, though with digits attached. You know, after all, only the name she chooses to work under5. Odds are, she's bored, or thinking of something else, as she services you. At the least, her attention will not be total. The illusion will be that it is. That's why she calls you a trick.

And yet, pleasure breaks through: more often for you, sometimes even for her. Her experience carries her through. She has a capability/maturity model for her own body; and she may know your own body, though as a type, better than you. Little will surprise her, and how could it? She, however, will be able to surprise you—sometimes with her own release.


1The agency may see little gain from repeat customers; she may feel differently, and offer price fixe what they would prefer to offer a la carte.
2 An escort will have handled the time already with her agency; in a brothel, especially with a non-English speaker, I generally show my watch and count out the hours for her on the dial.)
3 Unless, of course, making her anxious or fearful is your specification for service. In that case, this blog is not for you.
4 See, e.g., Laura.
5 I should put all the pseudonyms of service provider in quotes, really.

All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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