Viewing the local antiquities

Plastic spoons 

Between the first and the second service, I open the Assouline sack:

The blue ice pack: The small silver jar: Melba toast:

"I thought it was your sandwich!"


"We'll need spoons."

"Plastic spoons!"

"I' go get them."

Black spheres like a heap of shot, glistening like a deposit of coinage: Sticky moist eggs pop their casings, releasing the silvery edge of a sea at the sky's scent:

We sit side by side on the bed, swinging our legs:

A late night dorm room feast:

Like best friends, doing something forbidden together:

"You said you liked it, so I thought that was a hint."

"No, I am not like that. I just like to talk."

"It's not like that in my family."

"I will always tell you the truth."

"That makes it easier."

(Lan once said she was going to lunch with her girlfriends and wanted a Coach bag—"Asians are very competitive." So, no doubt she lost face with her girlfriends. What would it have cost me?)

Angel loads up a cracker, passes it to me.

"Do you like oysters?"

As soon as I'm up her she kegels me: A satisfied sigh felt not heard Yes tightening:

Angel smiles round my whole self with her cunt.

Again. Again. And again.


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Framed in the upper room's window, segmented machine limbs shine like black chitin:

From the cafe, I watch the street's catwalk: spaghetti-strapped high-breasted art students, backpackers, suburban MILFs, sk8ters, black-robed Muslims, Asian girls in flip-flops carrying instrument cases: Asian girls from the mainland dressed in odd color combinations:

A goth in a pink plaid skirt with a big gold pin gives me her belly: New couples hold hands, seriously: Swarming fragile alliances of more than 3 girls, generally with one fat:

Women in gowns walk toward the Embassy Ball: Daughters all cut from the same cloth take the arms of the Dads, daisy fresh from their days of saying "Show me the money" in not so many words:

Angel's gym, a masonry pile, has all the solidity of bank cornerstoned 1928: The Cybex machines reciprocate tirelessly, never pausing, drooping, sagging, stopping.


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All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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