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"No, Angel not here, she not call in. I told her come early. You come back later, or tomorrow. Call first." Hands card.

Freshly printed.


The corner. 
Walking home from the station in the dusk, chilled in the rain no hood for my head and never an umbrella:

The door to Angel's brothel is open; the windows, dark. Now comes the grandmotherly mama-san into the entranceway, lugging two green bulging garbage bags out the street; she dumps them. I wave. She waves. I cross the street

"Say Hi to Angel for me."

"Honey, we have new place. You have a pen?"

She writes. "You call me, I arrange Angel."

She has been in this country a long time. No Viagra, no budget for Angel or anyone this week, a touch of the flu, and Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding still running through my head.

Walk between the raindrops!


The Corner
[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], and [7].

Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding 

I grab the pillow; up comes her pelvis.


"No, I was going to put it under your head, if that would be comfortable for you."

Grabbing her hips, I yank her body down on the bed, centering it so I won't bang my head on the mirror.

Her head lifts: I plunk the pillow under: her thighs pull back, her legs Now open wide: I settle my tip between her fat lips: she heaves her hips up me Good and I'm in her: Pinning and spreading her.

My toes, way back there, almost hanging of the end of the bed: they're cramping.

Clenching my jaw I start pounding her: Plunging my cock Shtup up under her pubic bone up into her meaty juiced warmth: Then pause: grind her motte with my pelvis: reducing the sauce: thickening:

She gives me her small Yes I know now, wrapping her arms round my shoulders. New leverage: I start pounding again: She raises her left leg vertical, sliding her foot up the wall, further spreading herself: Now I know know know know Yes know Yes Yes know—

She kegels me: milks me: milks me: lizard backbrain galvanic jerking my pelvis my cock:

Having hammered the piton into her cliff face I swing silverroped panting in the summit's thin air:

Then pull out into the coolth: ease myself out crawling back bobbing, careful the condom keeps holding my load: Arrange myself between her spreadwidestill warm muscular legs: encircle her shoulders with my arms: rest sleepyhead between her sweaty breasts: lay my right ear to her chest:

Blood pump blood pump blood pump blood pump

"The world is not fair. I am 37. After a woman's period stops, 80% she doesn't want to have sex. I have only two years accounting in Thailand, and two more years of schooling here. My English is not good. I was not brought up well. I don't blame them!

"What do you want to do?"

"To own a shop, a shop that tells Thai sweets. I would live on the second floor, with a garden in the back, and have a dog. Two dogs!"


"In Thailand, home with my brothers. Family is best."

Out on the street, dusk.

Starlings, massed darts, swoop down to the maples by the hotel de ville, finding their home branches; whistling, strutting, gossiping, tweaking their nests; folding black wings.

And on Angel's nightstand had been the gold business card of the night manager at the Ritz.


The alphabet 


M is for Money, a Means to an end;
N for the Nothing that's left when I spend.



The leaf of the domain tree 

In choosing the "alacarte" as the leftmost component of my URL, I intended a reference to A.J. Liebling's bon mot: Life is best lived "a la carte."

Now, however, I read in P.G. Wodehouse's Ring for Jeeves:

Rory stopped kneading Bill's shoulder and patted it.

'At the moment,' he resumed, you are reeling from the shock, and very naturally, too. You feel you've lost something valuable, and I suppose one might say that you have, for Jill's a nice enough kid, no disputing that. But don't be too depressed about it. Look for the silver lining, whenever clouds appear in the blue, as I have frequently sung in my bath and you, I imagine, in yours. Don't forget you're back in circulation again. Personally, I think it's a slice of luck for you that all this happened. A bachelor's life is the only happy one, old man. When it comes to love, there's a lot to be said for the à la carte as opposed to the table d'hôte.'

See also The original title. And I wish I could track down the source of the A.J. Liebling quotation.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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