Viewing the local antiquities

Doubt comes after certainty.  

"I keep forgetting to bring this."

"Your email?"

"No. Maybe I should do that. No, it's a place to send your computer to repair it. I sent mine there."



"You will kill me."


"Nemo is a litle fish."

"I will go get another condom"
"I took the banana peel off; you are putting it on."

"If I make you work too hard, you won't want to see me again."

"You're nice."
"No I'm not."

"Well, maybe nicer than some."

"You came last night."
"No. But I came this morning! Thank God. There's a reason."

"If you want advi'—Men do not come here to relax. They come here for an orgasm. Go to the beach. Go have a coffee. Sit in Victoria Square and watch the men and women and dogs."
"I can do that."


John you are nice.

By Blogger Jenn, at August 05, 2004 10:27 AM  

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