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Words to ponder from Laura the Tooth 
on her new site:
"Never fuck if you're feeling less than 100%."


(Laura is, of course, a Friday Pussy Blogger emeritus.)


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Friday pussy blogging 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis world is all the world we will ever have, but sometimes in her, up her, I feel I am through her, inside out of her: My belly and balls and brain in the world that I know: My tip poking through to a world other than this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI don't feel clasped in flesh, but float through salt clouds, through warm foam, through the atmosphere of some other planet, steamy and thick:

Listening inside I hear deep green sky silence, impersonal wheeling black birds—

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhile this world rolls on: Minute by minute the grunting and thwacking and squelching, sighs and our conversation: Conscious of boosting her from her assumed position, getting new purchase, conscious of ramming ahead to my come, conscious when spasming I'll return to this world from that other, whether better or blessed or just different, unknown:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comComing toward me over the waves:


LAST WEEK Holding hands.

She was on top, facing my feet, 
so I got a good view of the fading bruise on her right cheek as she pumped, and she pumped even harder when she must have felt I was coming:

It was a first service with a new girl, so I came in not many strokes: gripped her haunches, forced her down over me, forcing her motionless, to lengthen my spasming up her:

When I let go of her and opened my eyes, I'd already started to shrink, and when she lifted herself off me, the condom came up with her, up, dangled:

Between her thighs, from the tip trapped in her clasping lips, hung the shaft, yellow wattled, joined to the pale rolled up O-ring:

At the round opening, a thick droplet swells, lengthens, breaks:

Raindrop from a geisha's parasol:

She reaches under herself, tugs out the condom, inspects it, wraps it up in a kleenex.

"Good, you got it."

Question for study and discussion
Dear Mme. Manners:

If, when a whore lifts herself of me and the condom comes with her, stuck in her cunt, should I reach forward and remove it myself? Or should I let her?


Dear John:

Let her do it. A competent whore is well-trained, or trains herself, to be aware of the state of the condom at all times; that's part of being a professional. Let her remove it herself so that the condom's chain of custody remains clear in her mind.


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