Viewing the local antiquities

Nibbling her earlobe: 
Ming thrashes and whines just like Lan did, and tries to get away, but I force her down with my whole weight, cup her round head with my hands and move it to the angle I want, and keep nibbling.


When I had my head bent down over the funkier alternative paper, my waitress told me that "Missed Connections" was full of interesting messages this week.

In a very deliberate way.

I took my cue, but didn't none of the posts struck a chord. Then she was absent for a few weeks; last night she was back. In our converasation, she worked her way round to her student loans.

Is she looking to be kept? {400} for a session every other week wouldn't be bad. {600} would be high. Nicer. And no house money. She would probably want more, though. What would her student loan be? Her rent?

An "undergraduate" (she said) would present some advantages: I haven't eaten a girl in some time. And if she were adventerous, perhaps I could get her to peg me—avoiding the 100% females.

What would she be? Not "whore," since a whore's choice of clients is limited, especially in a brothel. But not a heterae either; I don't want to do gifts or play games; I want a sure thing. We might settle on "courtesan."

A flowing stride, like a nurse in flat shoes; a straight-backed stance. Taller than I like; but fat lips made for nibbling, and perhaps a sense of irony.

Would the headline have been "sugar daddy"? (See, e.g., Brown Sugar.) Last night I looked for that weekly, but couldn't find it.


The typical brothel uniform 
is good deal more modest, and far less provocative, than the spaghetti straps, halter top, and sweetly exposed babyfat belly of the typical tween and the typical teen in the typical mall.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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