Viewing the local antiquities

How much?

I could go through and add it all up, I suppose, in which case the total would come to less than a tithe.


Rectification of names 
I've stuck with whore—from the Indo-European root ka-, meaning "desire"1—for its punch, and the R in it (see index), but there are other words I could have used: the lilting, Latinate trip of three steps from lips to palate to teeth: prostitute2 or the non-judgmental sex worker3 which, like working girl4, highlights the bill-by-the-hour aspect of the whore's professional life. Service provider has the billable hours connotation too, besides suggesting the hub-and-spoke, client/server architecture of the whore's networking5. Then there are words for whores who've sought out different market niches: courtesan, streetwalker; the Greek heterae and pornai; and old-fashioned words like harlot, tart, and trollop.6

Or a two-syllable punch: "hooker."

But I like words of one syllable.

She's a whore.

I whore.

One word one flesh: one flesh one word.



See here for Confucian source of the concept "rectification of names."

1. From the WikiPedia entry. See also here and here. "Whore" also seems to have richer connections to other words; "whore's eggs" ("ose eggs") for sea urchins in Newfoundland-ese, for example (here, thanks to Antiquarian DTG).
2. The OED gives a secondary, mid-16th to mid-17th Century meaning for prostitute: "Offer with complete devotion or self-denial." Cf. "Consent of the governed".
3. According to Rosalie Maggio in the Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage, "Whore used to be a nonjudgmental term describing a lover of either sex." See for example here. For examples mainstreaming, see here, here, here, here, here, here ("Intellectual Whores"), and of course here (if the site asks for a password, just click through and the page will display).
4. "Girl," with rare exceptions, is not used as a synonym or euphemism for "working girl." William Gibson's Molly calls herself a "working girl." Gibson also introduces the corporatist euphemism field psychologist in his novel Count Zero.
5. The network concept is suggested by "Internet service provider."
6. "Public woman" is not, I think, correct. Any privacy that a whore feels is essential, she is fully capable of retaining. (Though see this entry).


It's hard, isn't it? 
Hard to write about sex. Let alone sex with whores.

You have to have money to have sex with whores, and money is even harder to write about with honest feeling than sex.


Off with the shoes at the door, 
as Asians do: It keeps the dust from the streets out of her cube. Off with the winter coat. Sweater and shirt on the chair back, pile socks, jeans, boxers/briefs on the chair seat, arranging jeans over them for politeness. Off with the watch, and put it on top of the jeans.1


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1. Memorize your watch's position so when she takes you to the table shower, you can tell if anyone's checked your wallet.

One barista to another: 
"Are you still rubbing people for money?"


my shaft in her hand, she leads me out of the shower room, down the hall, to her cube. I'm tip-to-hole cleansed, pleasure awash, and warm with the promise of pleasure to come. I lie down on my belly, adjusting my hard cock, and spread my legs slightly, relaxing, waiting for the first drops of oil to fall on my back.

But that moment when the mattress first gives under the weight of her knee as she climbs up on the table and straddles me—

That moment's delayed.

And we couldn't agree on price.

And I'm out in the cold.

With a refund, at least.

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I breathe in 
the rank scent of hair not from her tongue but up from her lungs, which she'd filled while kissing and licking and sucking my bag.


She was so drunk she was singing 
and I drove her home in her Dodge Dart even though my learner's permit wasn't valid and I'd recently totalled the company van.

Will I knock over the beer bottle bracing myself with my feet? I pause, clenching everything so as not to come right away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Wait."

"Put your arms round my shoulders please"—showing me how to get leverage, chanting:

"Oh, John, oh, John, oh, John, oh, John, oh, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny ... "

For the first, the only, time in my life.

And always, after that, a throwaway come, then the real one.


"All the way down to the hairs." 
coos Lan, calmly lascivious, unfolding the directions from the green box of Trojans and reading them out loud.

Having filled the condom with come, I peel it off me and toss it over the side of the bed onto the floor.

Stretched out like that, how long it seemed!



y y y y
y Y y Y y Y
y Y y Y y Y y Y y Y y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y-Y-Y-YYYYYY  Y—

Bearing down hard on both cheeks with both hands, thrusting up up up, filling the latex with—



Discreet charm. 

I once called Annie's agency to make an appointment, and the booker told me that last time, I'd underpaid.

This was courteous of Annie; she had confidence I'd keep the appointment, even when her price point had changed; she didn't wait 'til I was there, and then tell me; and she let her agent handle the business aspect. And last time, she hadn't even counted.

Stepping aside into the kitchen, I leave the slightly thicker sheaf of bills on the table, as usual.


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