Viewing the local antiquities

She pauses, atop me, pumping 
her arms like a pom-pom girl, chanting:

"Ko-re-a! Ko-re-a!"

She has no English at all. Perhaps she's a chorus girl from the North? No—she mimes punching something, a ball!, she saw the World Cup!

She tugs the tip of my condom: Nothing but pre-come; she was overlubed, too loose, started the second service too soon, and I'm anhedonic. Rubbing her belly, holding up an invisible bowl, she chopsticks invisible food into her mouth. Must I mount her again?

Unwisely, she switches the light on: Her face is a patchwork: In the first flash, I take the lead-white for her skin, then flip the gestalt: It's the makeup she hasn't sweated away.

"How was the service?" asks the mama-san, holding the door.


What else could I have said? After all, when I got up on all fours and shoved my ass in the air, she pegged me and fondled my balls, and when I pushed back she reciprocated, digging her hot small conical finger deeper up me. And when I reached back and up to push her hand away from my cock, because I didn't want her to jerk me off right away, she didn't start in again, like so many do.



"anhedonic": I'm guessing the meaning as "lacking or without pleasure" or "unable to feel pleasure" on the assumption that the prefix an- before that possibly vocalic "h" works like a- before words beginning with consonants to neutralise what follows, as in "amoral" or "asexual".

A google for "anhedonic" produced this as the first result:

Thanks for that link :)

DTG xxoo

By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 08, 2005 10:06 AM  

See, e.g., Anhedonic.

Yes, absence of pleasure. Sometimes I'll allow myself to start, or be persuaded to start, a second round during my refractory period. When that happens, I don't come. So there I will be, pumping away, giving it the old college try, but at some point the futility of it all overtakes me, and I give up and pull out. That's an experience of anhedonism, you might say. The same experience, followed by the same feeling, can happen if she's very loose—as with Annie after I had known her a few years. For her sake, I'd fake it, and then pull out, but mostly—Why bother? See the index under "Dysfunction" for various examples.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at January 08, 2005 10:40 AM  

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