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Specific gravity 

Come, verb, came, come, coming. To reach a destination; to arrive by movement or progress.

Coming is like crying: a sudden wet burst not up to me to stop: my face, beyond control, no longer rigid—

Like sneezing: once, twice, involuntary: ejecting a loud sloppy loogie:

Or not sneezing: a false climax.

Coming is like sniffling because my cock seeps precome.

Coming is like sweat in the hottest of climates. Annie's rubbing the precome round the head of my shaft with a slippery fingertip. My hard nipples are cooling from her saliva; my belly evaporates wet trailing down to my cock, to my thighs, to my balls: sticky from her mouthing them, sucking them, bouncing them on the flat of her tongue. Still warm, my perineum. Still warm, my rim: She suctioned me with her mouth, then rolled her tongue up my hole. Still I drool—

Annie's breasts swing as she bends down to my hard cock. She cautiously coaxes a droplet of syrup out of my pisshole but I've no thought of climax: Becoming endlessly, I float on my back bouyant in a warm, calm sea:

We float in the manyvoiced fluids we come from.


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NOTE For other stories about Annie, see the sidebar at right under "Service Providers," or see, e.g., Luxe, calme, volupte. For other stories on coming, see this index of sensations, or see, e.g., Program Notes.

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"I like it with you. 
You don't pull out and start over, like some other guys."


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