Viewing the local antiquities

"A nice skinny girl," 
the mama-san says. Skinny must be what her clientele can't get at home.

My whore parts the curtains: She's really too tall, up to my shoulder, and skinny, too skinny for her uniform: Her beige pants ruck up at her thighs. I let her take my hand, lead me up one flight, two flights, into her room. I hang my coat on the exercise machine and give her the {50} house money.

Naked, glasses off, waiting for her to return, I read what blurred could have been a poster of Steps from The Program, but which from up close turns out to be the house rules. Number 10 on the list: No sex on the premises. We'll see about that. Knock, knock: She's there.

Hugging beforehand, like Ming. Wrapping her in my arms I breathe the scent of her hair and her neck; she nibbles a nipple, I fondle her cheeks through the polyester. She's chewing gum rapidly, to provoke salivation.

I bulge the towel outward. She her-hand-in-mine takes me down the hall: Past an open door to a dark room with a man lying face up, eyes closed on a bed under a blanket: back downstairs to the table shower off the foyer. Her technique, clinical, almost: thorough and scratchy and never a pause sponging up, down, up, down: sponge at my asscrack, not fingers.

I try to negotiate; she says "I'll trust you."

The single sure touch of her hand on my ass that signals me to turn over: Like a chef prodding the meat before trimming it.


When I had my clothes on, I pulled out my wallet. It turned out all I'd bought was a tongue bath, some rimming, and a blowjob where I came almost instantly, so I got out {60}.


"But I came too fast! Not good for me."

"Guys come during the massage-y, they come any time."

I give her the {100}.

"Next week, two times: one [mimicking hand job], two [mimicking insertion]. {150}."

She considers. "{170}."


The last whore who rimmed me was Kim, so I'm three years deprived. Next time, when I feel "Jennifer" start, perhaps I'll get up on all fours and present. Face down in the pillow.

"Nice," just like the mama-san said.



"Is my name too long?" At 8141 after 2221 was closed.

"No." And there's an R in it! Brave woman.

It's always touching when a whore asks a personal question. What can they make of the answer?

Some questions are easy: "Am I too heavy?"

Others are not so. Annie once asked me to look up tannante, to see if it was a real word. Our next time I brought a Larousse with that word highlighted in yellow marker.

I could hear Annie's mother: Tu est tannante!

But Annie never, ever was. And the next time she opened the door in her bare feet, skirt, panties already off.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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