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In the material below, all whores are women, but not all women are whores.

1. When did you first come?


2. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt?


3. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt and enjoy it?


4. When did you first come inside a whore's cunt?


5. Did you enjoy it?

Very much.

6. When did you first come inside a woman's cunt using a condom?


7. Did you ever come inside a whore's cunt not wearing a condom?


8. When did a woman first give you a hand job?


9. When did a whore first give you a hand job?


10. When did you first fingerfuck a woman?


11. When did you first fingerfuck a whore?


12. When did you first eat a woman's cunt?


13. When did you first eat a whore's cunt?

1999, the once. No, once before, in 1998.

14. When did you first come inside a woman's mouth?


15. Were you wearing a condom?


16. When did you first come inside a whore's mouth?


17. Were you wearing a condom?


18. Have you ever come inside a whore's mouth not wearing a condom?

Yes, in 1999.

19. Have you ever come inside a woman's ass?

Not yet.

20. A whore's?

Again, no.

21. Have you ever come with a man?

With the exception of myself, no.

22. Are you curious?




jusr wondering--do you prefer sex with prostitutes? no passing judgement or anything here at all--i am just trying to understand the difference between sex with a prostitute vs sex with someone you kind of had to socialize with or wine and dine first.

in your experience, what was the biggest difference between sex with a pro and sex with a non pro? was it the skill gulf? the constant use of condoms? so pros tend to be better kissers? or is kissing universally out of the question when it comes to pros? did sex with a pro seem more honest (in that there was no need for inane smalltalk before the main course)? are pros less judgemental in general?

i surf the net and read about other sex professionals, but i rarely hear from their enthusiastic customers.

By Blogger laura, at March 04, 2005 9:50 PM  

Laura --

Questions so fairly besought deserve answers; though, truth to tell, one answer would be "Start at the first post and read forward to the present!"

I'm not sure I'm an enthusiastic customer; you might say "knowledgeable" and "appreciative." If you've ever read Neal Stephensen's Cryptonomicon, then you've read about the Ejaculation Control Conspiracy. The ECC is something I'm opposed to, for what seem to me to be good and sufficient reasons; somehow, I was never socialized into the dating and marriage construct.

Do I prefer sex with prostitutes? Given the givens, yes; but one of the givens is that it would be hard for me to go back to the "straight" world of the ECC at this point; I can't imagine how I would begin to explain my history, and of course in a real relationship I would have to.

The interesting thing about sex is never the sex; it's what is around and behind and within the sex. (Skill level, no; there are only so many ways in which the relevant organs can be combined and exercised, after all. Condoms, of course not. Ming kissed, and in fact she taught me to kiss, thoug I was good before; none of the others have.) Sex with Lan (she isn't indexed, since she wasn't a service provider) was great. Sex with Sue (ditto) was awful, because she was full of bad faith.

What I like about sex with professionals is that there isn't any romance to it. There's no mythology. I mean, c',mon. Does any guy really like long walks on the beach, or candlelight dinners, except as a means to an end? And surely the women know all that, but extract the ritual as a test of commitment?

I remember -- I was sick in bed at the time -- watching an episode of Gilmore Girls where there was a money raising auction. The women made food baskets, and the men competed against each other to bid on and buy the baskets -- and the winner then got to go out with the woman who made the food basket he bid on and won. Talk about mainstreaing whoring!

Dating and romance are all too bizarre and disgusting for words, and deeply commoditized to boot. So why not buy for real what (all too often) is bought underhandedly?

It may seem surprising to me, but I find little fakery in prostitution. Not in the sense of "faking it" -- that kind of fakery I discount so deeply that it doesn't even enter into the equation. But merciful heavens! I'm not bidding on a Gilmore girl's food basket!

The pros may or may not be judgmental. They tend not to share their judgements with clients. They are, I think, deeply experienced in the absolute worst and perhaps also the best of mankind, becase their circumstances are very hard. Do the arithmetic. The best of them will survive because of some greatness of heart, I feel. In some ways, whores are like soldiers; they will have passed through the crucible of a terrible, ancient, and entirely human experience.

Finally, it's a mistake to think that sex with a whore doesn't involve socializing. Humans can't interact without socializing. It doesn't involve wining and dining, of course. You can have a good experience or a bad experience for the same amount of money, and what makes the difference is exactly socializing.

Hope this answers your questions.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at March 05, 2005 7:45 PM  

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By Blogger John Psmyth, at May 16, 2006 5:23 AM  

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