Viewing the local antiquities

Oie was modest. 
I asked her why she wore cotton panties under her uniform, and she said "I don't want, you know, I don't want you to see my hair."


The unexamined 
cunt is not worth having.


Why doggy style is my favorite position. 

1. Her flesh gives good sound.

2. I control speed, penetration.

3. She gives me great sightlines forward, straight down, and, in a mirror, to the side.

4. If she lubricates, her smell rises straight up to my nose.

5. She gives me two handfuls of ass.

6. I can pause to rest.

7. She can fondle my balls easily.

8. Kneeling, I put no stress on my back.

9. She exposes her asshole.

The only downside: I like the paradox of a really petite whore with good pelvic action, but that's not so readily experienced doggy style, since she'll be on all fours.


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