Viewing the local antiquities

"I think of you 
as a small businessperson. You have a lawyer, you have an accountant."

Angel: "I came to this country only my two hands!"


Live Journal censors DirtyTalkingGirl 

Over a Modigliani, yet!

Here's the offending image, exactly as DirtyTalkingGirl displayed it on the page:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I mean, I can see how a philatelist—you can look it up—might find this Modigliani overly stimulating, but the rest of us, whose tastes are more mainstream? I don't think so.

And here are some possible replacements, sent in by helpful readers.

Look! Over there! Janet Jackson's tit!


Friday pussy blogging 

Melissa Moon rises: "Why I'm here: To put myself about, to spread myself over the net, I want to slowly, honeysweetly, ooze and trickle over the globe, into hidden places I‘ll never know about. This pussy is out for globalisation."

Coarsest black hairs
Grow round it.
Jagged, zig-zagged
The rocks of the pulsating abyss.

No warning sign among these rocks.
No “Beware ye who enter here!”
A hot Niagara
Without Viagra

Cocks are finite, limited,
“The end is nigh”.
They are the limit;
The end is what they are about.

“Stand and deliver!”
Cocks are displayed
“Stand and surrender!”
Exposed in their fragilities
Threatened with exposure.

Cunts promise, suggest
Intimate infinity.
Infinite irregularity,
Infinitely off limits,
Put fear in little eyes of men:

Magical, limitless,
Delicate mysterious,
My cunt is wild chaos,
Kali’s black chasm
Guarded by rocks of bone:

“Just as all colors disappear in black,
so all names and forms disappear in her.”

[All rights retained by Melissa Moon.]


NEXT WEEK Laura. Coming soon: Pagan. Antiquarians, if you'd like to guest post about pussy drop me a line.

LAST WEEK Violet Blue.

Angel answers her mail. 
Or not. Not Tuesday, Monday, Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday... But Valentine's, New Year's, Christmas Days. Formal occasions.


Reminds me of the old Beatles tune: 
"No virgin wood" ...



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