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Lan showed me 
her new green bra and told me her sister bought it for her and I didn't even unhook it, just shoved it up and out of the way and the raking underwire erected her nipples even before I started to suck them and bite them.

And green didn't become her.


As soon as the city lost power 
I phoned round and even though "Asian Pearl" once stole my watch she was the only whore working.

The room was getting chillier. From the window in her high-rise, I could see the whole city had gone dark. She had candles out, though, thinking ahead—the short stumpy kind in little flat tins that you buy at a dollar store.

My second time, she was on top and I was all the way up her when the phone by the side of the bed rang and I saw she wouldn't be able to reach it. Using my strength, I crammed her down me and held onto her hips then skunched my ass over to the side of the bed, so she could pick up. Still all the way up her, though holding her motionless, listening:

Out of the quick song of French "Pampers"—she too was laying in supplies for the storm.

Then she went back to working for me.


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The streetwalkers along Rue St Denis are so efficient that they never take their pantyhose entirely off. Somehow, one leg and the crotch end up in a brown nylon ball rolled up on the other leg, far enough up so the wad doesn't rub on my belly or torso.


I'd brought two bubble teas with me 
for after, but when I had dressed and taken them out of the fridge Ming registered fear.

"You drink."

Then, on her mobile while I sip through the outsized straw:

"No, he paid me a lot."

She's done for the day.


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An engineer 
would get the physics of it at once. Just like a piston at each, down, stroke, twin, siffs-siffs, siffs-siffs escape Naomi's nose, when the tip of my cock hits the back of her throat and her lips hit my bush.


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from the Yellow Pages: Never again. I should jerk off while she tells me a story? When her flaps are brown and not pink? This I can do without playing the tired businessman, forking over {250}, and having to show my face to a driver.

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It will be wonderful to have money again 
so I can fuck and get myself fucked.


I hear the TV 
when Ming opens the door and I look at the screen as I unbutton my shirt: Chinese opera.

Ming sits herself on the bed and flings her arms out, opens her mouth in an O like a diva and I having kicked off my shoes have unbuttoned my fly and popped myself out so she takes my cock in her hand as I suck her plump lower lip between my own two just as she taught me, she being one whore who kisses as not all whores do.


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I ask, "Have I told you this story before?" 
and Annie says "Yes."

She's not flattering me!


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Gabrielle was, I now think, Annie's sister. 
Certainly they were both summery blonde, from the rive Sud, and had elegant Germanic cheekbones.

"Get a girlfriend," Gabrielle1 said the last time I had her.

She's on all fours, her business end to me. I look down the length of her pale back, her blonde hair spiltsplit as she gives me her neck.

This evening, she'll go to the opera with her [female] friend who, she says, is "more emotional." Later, I think she meant Annie.

Though I saved the tube of KY she forgot, I never saw her again.


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There's a hairless patch 
under my balls I can't see, I discover as polytropic Annie licks them assiduously: A new item in her repertoire since the last time she received me:

I feel the slight tug of her tongue against hair and then a smooth lave, another tug coming as her head moves left to right right to left, the healthy pink of the part in her blonde hair, spilling, spilling over my thighs: ma blonde.

How pleasant to lie back, having pulled my thighs up, my feet gone wide, my anus fully exposed, trusting my balls to her lips and teeth.

I look down across my jelly belly: It quakes with my laughter: I looked down just as she looked up, calibrating me: we're doubly linked tongue-to-balls eye-to-eye

Yes. She's moving her head further down—another new item—


Annie dresses like the small business owner she is 
in a cream linen suit with a lace handkerchief tucked between her breasts. Bending down to slip on her black pumps she asks:

"Do you mind if I go down with you?"

The agency hadn't managed to get a phone into the new apartment.

"Of course not."

As I walk down the street, she heads off to a phonebooth to get her next appointment.

I called up the agency a year or so later; the cheerful old bawd with the gravel voice answers.

"She's retired."

"Is she happy?"

"Very happy."


Fetching things 
1. A tiny Korean whore steps into big yellow rubber waders in the table shower room: the play of her haunches: quite fetching.

Other related things.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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