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Il faut cultiver notre jardin 

"Do you feel safer here than at the other place?"

"Yes! There the mama-san and the girls were Koreans. They just came over and none of them speak English."

"Does make make them not safe?"

"Yes! How can they know anything about the customer without English? I always try to talk to study the customers. Here all the other girls are Korean, but the mama-san speaks English."

"Yes, her English is good."

"And she watches the monitors all the time."

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"You all sleep in the same room?"

"Yes, three of us on one mattress on the floor, two in the other room. The Koreans like to sleep using electronic blankets."

"Electric blankets."

"Electric blankets. I am not a picky person, but I don't like that."

"The blanket is too hot."

"Yes. And that place was not clean."

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"No more! No more! No more! No more!"



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