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"Your shoes are just like mine" 

I met my first whore the day after Christmas, 1996. I was so naive, I'd tried to make a reservation twenty four hours in advance.

I knocked and after a pause the security chain unrattled. The door opened inward. She stood and looked up at me. Her eyes were dark brown. She didn't blink. She was quiet, her hair up in a glossy chignon. Her look, like a student in one of the lower professions: nursing or pharmacy or hotel management. She wore blue jeans and a blue and white striped tank top that pushed her breasts up and together. Mei-Ling was the name in the ad. Her rate was $180 Canadian for one hour, two services. "Do we have to have the TV on?" I asked.

Her apartment was dim and the curtains were drawn. She turned off the TV and the phone and serviced me twice, the lights on the answering machine by her bed blinking red.

I laid back naked back on the bed; she tugged off her jeans and top, and took the barret out of her hair. She sat to my side facing my feet and her breasts hung down to my face. I said "Tell me if I suck too hard" and gathered a mouthful. Her nipples felt rough against my tongue. There was a crack! from the kitchenette and she startled but I steadied her with a hand on her flank and kept sucking. Her flesh tasted sweet; salty; soapy: cuntal: like the skin of Lans neck when I snuffled her neck the way Asians kiss. I gave a tug to her panties: she stood, shucked them, sat down and I settled a palm under the round of a buttock and suckled a whole tit and let go: plop, then the other then back. Under my fingers her skin felt smooth and warm and seemed dusty, like a child's skin after a day at the beach. I ran my palm up her spine and cupped her head gently and pushed toward my dick. She got a condom out of its foil and fitted it over me.

She firmed me between her two fingers then bent shoulders and head down. She held me like a stalk between her two fingers, put her mouth warm round the tip of my dick and plunged her head down, sucked, and slurped up and plunged, sucked, and slurped up. My cock tingled so I tugged her head off me and let myself soften, then ushered her down again. I hardened as soon as she grasped me. I heard a slick sound as she pushed her pursed lips over the latex and felt the tip of my dick slide on the roof of her mouth, then she angled her head so I slid down her throat and she sucked, slurped, bobbed her head down and then up. I reached her hair back to see but let go: her hair slapped my belly like chain. I clutched at the bedspread with both hands. She sucked and I came and while I still throbbed she still sucked me. She pulled her head back. Her fingers still grasped the base of my dick.

"You can wash in the bathroom."

I peeled off the dripping condom and slung it into the wastebasket. I soaped off my dick and my balls and toweled myself. I walked naked out into the room; naked in front of someone I'd only met an hour ago. She was on the bed on her back with her head on a pillow. I pushed her thighs open and laid down on my belly between them and suckled. Heat and her cuntal stubble prickled and smeared on my belly while my cock dragged hard on the covers. She put a pillow under her head. I walked with my knees either side of her belly while I stiffened myself and offered my dick to her lips. She reached for a condom and put it around me. Kneeling, I looked down seeing her nostrils flare and her cheeks hollow and her lips around me, feeling her mouth's spit swirl as she sucked me. I took her head in my hands and halted her, then pulled her head onto my dick then off it again first slowly then faster then halting, and did again until I was harder.

I sat back and put a hand under her ass and nudged up. She got onto all fours and I got behind her. Her dark hair swung down. I could see her neck and the wings of her shoulders and the S of her spine and the swell of her buttocks and the backs of her legs and her round heels on either side of me where I knelt, and she waited, and I found where she was and put myself in her.

I pushed up and in. I had been semi-soft but I found myself hard. I clutched the rounds of her ass and when I dug out the right angle I found she was tight. I heard the soft slap of my thighs at her cheeks and looked down and saw her flesh shake. Her face hit the pillow and I saw the dark wings of her hair swing as she slung her neck down and pushed her ass up. I leaned over her back and reached down her belly to finger her twat and brushed stubble but she said "No fingers" and I was off-balance anyhow so I straightened and kneeling I planted my hands on her ass while I crammed myself in her. She cooed when I crammed myself in her. I heard our soft slapping, seeing my fingers sunk in her cheeks, soft as I squeezed them together and crammed myself in her. I heard her cunt squelch as I crammed myself in her. The tip of my dick got sweeter and sweeter and sweeter: sweeter and I groaned and I burst and I froze and I sighed and I held myself at her, back where I knelt. She reached back and up and fondled my balls and I was still coming, she found the loose folds between them and tugged down on the hairs, gently.

I thought that was courteous.

I sagged back on my heels and the pale yellow condom drooled off my dick as I softened.

"You can wash in the bathroom."

When I came out she was putting on her coat; she'd taken a call while I sucked her tits for the first time. My jeans and shirt and socks were piled on the seat of a chair in the kitchenette. Dishes in the strainer; a soy sauce calendar in red and gold from Chinatown. I kneeled and laced up my suede snowboots.

"Your shoes are just like mine," she said.

Winter, and the smell of boiled cabbage in the elevator and the halls.



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