Viewing the local antiquities

Looking forward 

Game Angel has raised herself to a four-point stance, after I'd pulled her all the way down me, me all up her, then ground her bristly motte round my arched muscletensed holdingbreath belly:

Now only my tip touches her twatlips.

She puts her weight forward on her fingertips: squats: begins to reciprocate.

She knows me so well. She's gauged the distance: Her downstroke is soundless—Nimbly, she stops her butt short from a thwack on my thighs: soundless except for faint squelching, her sighs.

The one place our flesh touches: my juiced shiny piston, stainless: up down, in out, in out; disappearing, appearing.


I see you.


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The alphabet 


O is for orgasm, the delight all may share
with Poets, who also construct climaxes where


Friday pussy blogging 


I'd practiced 
with a condom beforehand, to see what it felt like putting one on, to see if I'd stay hard, to see if I could come wearing one.

Lan was on top first; despite being so tiny and tight she was so juicy and loose I kept falling out.

We'd laugh in amazement and have at it again.


"The bottle was almost empty, 
so I added some water."

As if she were a teenager topping off the bottle of whiskey Dad hides in his study.

And I'd caught whiff after whiff from her cunt as I reached round her cheeks and twiddled her fleshpetal lips; too bad she didn't feel wet enough when it came time to mount her.


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The spectrum 


Christmas bulbs round the Buddhist altar in the foyer; plush of the waiting room chairs and divan; hallway carpet outside her cube; LCD readouts from her boombox; curtains; the swoosh on her can of Diet Coke, there on its tray for half-time; swirly peppermints in a gold bowl by the door to the street; brakelights, as her driver spots the number I gave her agency; a felt cloche; the scales of the dragon tattooed on her biceps, its flames; a scrawled phone number; the O of her lips; a soy sauce calendar.


Roy G. Biv.

All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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