Viewing the local antiquities


This year I didn't rent a fan.

It's July, and the room has no air, and the flimsy curtains hang slack at the open window, 17 floors up on The Mountain. From below, student laughter. They chat, play guitar, they call to each other across the quad. In my tiny single room a commode with a sink, the free-standing closet, the narrow bed with thin covers.

A first Room of One's Own to some provincial achiever...

To the left and the right, summer school students, studying late. Cathy knocks:

Dark curly hair; simple blue and white polka dot blouse, navy skirt: flip-flops. A straw bag with a plastic daisy and (when I look later) a French paperback novel inside. But she doesn't have change for {200}.

We wait for the driver, and I make conversation, halting. She wipes her forehead, throat with a towel from the commode:

"Can't you get a fan?"

But sitting back down on the bed, she rests her back against the wall and, as if demurely, raises her skirt, about an eighth of an inch up. I run my eyes up from her toes to her eyes. The driver knocks, after an age.

"You're hot, irritated. You don't want to do this. Keep the money."


She submits to having her nipples hardened, though she's tense, and soon she's on top, posting, but—

"My thighs are tired."

A hand to her haunch gets her up on all fours, and her head toward the window curtains: She gives me the line of her back and her neck while I climb up behind her. I've made appointments through Luther before, and they're all young, all tight, all well trained to give me just the right angle; he must be my height—

I accelerate: My balls start to swing: I'm panting, her flesh starts to give me good sound—


And I start laughing—the idea that I would so lose control as to vocalize:

"La— pul— sion—," she explains, from beneath. And ahead.

She's young; bonne élevé; she's a student; perhaps she has peers in the dorm; someone might hear her, or see her leaving.

Cathy smooths down her dress, cracks the door, and slips out.


THE FOUR SEASONS: Spring, summmer, fall, winter.


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