Viewing the local antiquities


... Baby, I—got to have all your lovin' Empty nights Echo your name Sometimes—when you see me You know Things—Things—Things—Things—Things——

From above: "Out—change—now." My greased anus contractssss to a singularity as Laura slips out her finger.

The door opens, closes.

Silence; two laughters rise, link, reverberate far away in the shower.


Antiquarian mail

Thanks, Trish. See the sidebar at top...

Thanks also to Antiquarian Jay, who comments that the sidebar:

really got my attention. i'd never seen one like that so i spent a good five minutes looking it all over, clicking on the stuff and trying to figure it all out.

The index, like any index, is a palace of memory.


LATER Well, we didn't get nominated. Oh well. Thanks to Antiquarians Trish and DTG anyhow, for nominating us.

Walking down the rainy streets 

"No, Angel not here. Come tomorrow."

"For the house." Gives {50}.

"You know."

"A handjob, then a shower, then sex."


"Sex." Inserts right index finger into curled left fist, repeats, repeats. "{150}"

"Kill you! Kill you!" She twins her elbows, digs them deep into my neck muscles. "Kill you! You sleep—wake—can't move!"

Her cunt's at the right height; the flesh of her ass gives me good sound; on her, I strike the same note that I struck on Annie. A little Thai girl with a confident stride and muscular thighs.

"I walk to work every day. Fifteen minutes."


"Why did they give you a name that is hard for you to say?"

"It is a nickname. Laura, Lina—"

Layla, Linda, Loofah—


"That was a fantastic massage. I think your price is a bit low." Gives {20}.

"Next time, I give you long massage. You not come so quick."

But I should have called Angel's brothel before taking the Viagra.


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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