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Angel's under me, grunting. 

Angel's beside me licking caviar from a plastic spoon. Licking the spoon.

Angel's over me feeding one long-nippled tit into my mouth then the other.

Angel's on top of me pumping.

Angel's before me legs wide apart.

Angel's up me three knuckles deep.

Angel's upon me nibbling and sucking and biting, tweaking my nipples.

Angels smiles around me.

Angel's juice drying tightens the skin of my fingers and chin.

Angel slips off me.

Angel is out of range.

Angel wires that brother of hers who ought to be in the Army {300}.

Angel wires her sister tuition for cooking school.

Angel sits opposite me at our table.

Angel drives The House to the Taj for a team-building exercise.

You are a good driver, the whores say admiringly.

What they mean is that Angel drives fast.

I text her; sometimes she texts me; it's almost like being in love.

Angel is in. I enter.

"Oh no, give me the money first!"

"Oh! Angel is coming!"


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The Young Visitors 

Here is the opening of nine-year-old Daisy Ashford's 1891 novel, The Young Visitors, which I read when I was in grade school:

Chapter 1

Quite a Young Girl

Mr. Salteena was an elderly man of 42 and was fond of asking peaple to stay with him. He had quite a young girl staying with him of 17 named Ethel Monticue. Mr Salteena had dark short hair and mustache and wiskers which were very black and twisty. He was middle sized and he had very pale blue eyes. He had a pale brown suit but on Sundays he had a black one and he had a topper every day as he thorght it more becoming. Ethel Monticue had fair hair done on the top and blue eyes. She had a blue velvit frock which had grown rarther short in the sleeves. She had a black straw hat and kid gloves.

One morning Mr Salteena came down to brekfast and found Ethel had come down first which was strange. Is the tea made Ethel he said rubbing his hands. Yes said Ethel and such a quear shaped parcel has come for you. Yes indeed it was a quear shape parcel it was a hat box tied down very tight and a letter stuffed between the string. Well well said Mr Salteena parcels do turn quear I will read the letter first and so saying he tore open the letter and this is what it said

My Dear Alfred.

I want you to come for a stop with me so I have sent you a top hat wraped up in tishu paper inside the box. Will you wear it staying with me because it is very uncommon. Please bring one of your young ladies whichever is the prettiest in the face.

I remain Yours truely

Bernard Clark.

Well said Mr Salteena I shall take you to stay Ethel and fancy him sending me a top hat. Then Mr. S. opened the box and there lay the most splendid top hat of a lovly rich tone rarther like grapes with a ribbon round compleat.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that Mr. Salteena is Henry Ashbee ("Walter", of My Secret Life)?

"Please bring one of your young ladies..."


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