Viewing the local antiquities

As soon as the city lost power 
I phoned round and even though "Asian Pearl" once stole my watch she was the only whore working.

The room was getting chillier. From the window in her high-rise, I could see the whole city had gone dark. She had candles out, though, thinking ahead—the short stumpy kind in little flat tins that you buy at a dollar store.

My second time, she was on top and I was all the way up her when the phone by the side of the bed rang and I saw she wouldn't be able to reach it. Using my strength, I crammed her down me and held onto her hips then skunched my ass over to the side of the bed, so she could pick up. Still all the way up her, though holding her motionless, listening:

Out of the quick song of French "Pampers"—she too was laying in supplies for the storm.

Then she went back to working for me.


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