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The wind 
flattened Lan's dress against her frame: Her thin legs, her belly, her pantied crotch were all in sharp relief as she told me:

"Bad things happened to me when I was a child."

"You are courageous to tell me."

No slip.


Friday pussy blogging 

The only trouble with Friday pussy blogging is that there isn't enough of it. Why is that? I don't get it. I mean, I do get it, but I don't understand why there isn't enough of it. Blogging, I mean.

Anyhow, I'd like more of it. So I invited a subject matter expert, and one of my favorite writers, DirtyTalkingGirl, to write about pussy for Friday. Here she is:

What is your name?
DTG's Pussy.

What is your occupation?
I am an engine of sexual pleasure.

Describe your appearance.
Like a sea anemone: surprisingly robust, pink, and fleshy-petalled. Oysterish in my slippery, saline meatiness and in my rosy pearl. Orchid-like in my damp sweetness and succulence. Red and trench-like in my depths.

Do you have any distinguishing characteristics?
I have been described as small. My petals protrude slightly from my slit like a saucy tongue between lips. A neatly-trimmed thicket of black hair conceals the brown mole that adorns my mound.

Describe your work.
I receive fingers, tongues, and cocks, not necessarily in that order.

Interesting. How do you prepare for this work?
Variously: I flex my muscles repeatedly. I exude dew. I engorge.

Can you describe how the work of reception is accomplished?
My petals are spread. My pearl is revealed and plucked. My trench is probed, pumped, and plugged.

Do you have any favourites among the objects you receive?
Each object has its unique charm. Fingers, naturally co-operative, move in concert inside and out or together with the tongue. The tongue shinnies like a goldfish and when it's anchored by its lips to mine, it can deliver toe-curling suction. The cock is all sweet brute strength: its invasive bulk is unparalled for packing my trench blissfully full.

It sounds like you enjoy your work.
Absolutely. It's what I was made for. What I do is who I am.

[All rights retained by DirtyTalkingGirl.]


NEXT WEEK on Friday Pussy Blogging: Eden Gardener of Just one bite. Antiquarians, if you'd like to guest post about your pussy, drop me a line.

Other Friday pussy blogs are: Just one bite; Rent Boy diaries. You too? Come on in!

UPDATE Kind words from Word Oyster, and (London calling!) Pru.

Fave Google hit:  
Tina slut flannel.

Chacun à son goût...


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Equal and opposite 

"He's awake!"

"I don't think you're surprised."

"John is big!"

Cowgirling, Angel squats and reciprocates, moving well, banging my thighs and crotch with her load-bearing ass, our pulsion louder even than my most memorable resonant-cheeked doggy styling: Thwack by deliberate thwack she methodically builds up her come:

The sides of my cock sweeten, stay sweet: sweet with certainty: sweet with the certainty that what is to come will not come too soon: Come ready like a cut capped diver extends his arms and steps forward out onto the stiff board: ready to leap—

One two three:



Along the briny beach 

Naked and first-of-the-year chilled, I pull the red curtain back to see if there's AC I can turn down; the window is covered with imitation wood sheeting; the silver heads of galvanized roofing nails show round the frame. The corner: "(Under new management.)"

Now Angel stands by the side of the bed, no longer in uniform, waiting: I tug on a haunch: She crawls up on the bed, puts her head down to my crotch, her muscular thighs either side of my head: I put my hands to her cheeks—

Something sugary; cherry-LifeSaver-ish—preparation. For me.

Her lips are plumpplumdark, swollen: like the leaves of succulents evolved to store water: darker than raingravid clouds.

It's about to pour. But the 69 puts a crick in my neck, so I ease out from under her, crawl back to the foot of the small high bed, get her down on her back, center her pelvis, so there's room for me to stretch out; get the pillow under her nimble butt: So. Thighs spread, arched, she's completely exposed, and my chin won't dig into the mattress.

The pillow will wear out first.

Reaching both hands up, I flick her nipples erect with juicylubed fingers: She tries to thrash but I bear down on her cunt with my head, her thighs with the weight of my shoulders:

Gently I take her right hand: Move it down to her motte:

"This way." She raises a hand, scissors two fingers: I put my hands under the backs her thighs to push her legs back and her round heels up in the air thinking Viennese oyster, but:

"No, this way." She scissors her fingers closed.

I raise my head, rear back on my heels: She clamps her legs tight together and begins to massage her motte, circling paired index- and forefingertips. No longer sprawling between her spread legs on my belly, on my elbows over her, my head at her crotch, I bring my mouth down to Surprise all of her cunt but the hole:

Eating her while she masturbates.

Cunnilingus is a dainty word, delicate: The sensitive male's way of servicing her: dining not eating: eating not preying; never the intricate tooling of frantic hunger: if lips could tear more than skin deep: bloodheat drooling licking slathering slithering bolting swallowing meat Good:

"You will kill me!"

Rubbing one out; I worry her swollen twat as she starts bucking, working herself faster, faster: I cram my smeared chin down forcing her wiretight thighs apart and her open, probe—

"Oh! I want to come!"

Her hands lie slack on the mattress down by her hips: I reach up, put my fingers between hers: We hold hands, hard, as she pumps, heaves, spreads her thighs wide and presents her twitching hole: sharper hotter: a swirling reduction of greased sweat and waxed sugary iron Red:


My reward the wash of salt she floats over my broad flattened tongue: the angular mewing of gulls: sun on the back of my neck: sparkly hot sand: the unaffordable black masts scavenging the horizon: a cigarette boat thrumming its straight wake white across the incoming waves beyond summer's undertow. Shall we walk to the stand?

I look at the glass of ice and the can of Coke on the nightstand.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Sprite would be good, juice would be better."

"Next time, call me first and I will get some juice."

"You only stayed in a one-star hotel."

"Not even one star. I know Paris pretty well. I will tell you the best part.

"Paris is all stone. Even the trees, the parks are surrounded by stone. There is a river that runs through the middle of Paris, between stone walls. There is a stone island in the middle of the river and in the middle of the island is a famous stone church with two towers: Notre Dame. Notre Dame.

"The church is a thousand years old, and when I got there a bell in one of the towers was ringing like it had been ringing for a thousand years:

"bong Bwonng bwong bang blong blongg bong Bwong

"The bell pulled me into the church; I couldn't help it. I had to."

"Like magic."


"Yes, my life is complicated."


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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