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Consent of the governed 
A whore's consent is gained in a more direct fashion than some, including the competitors for the niche her services earn her, might prefer. The degree to which whoring is disfavored varies by country, and by region within country. A whore may find her services:

  • Encouraged, as at our garrison gates

  • Tolerated, as in Canada and most European countries

  • Illegal and pervasive, as in most of American states except some counties in Nevada

  • Legal, as in the French maisons closes, and many European cities

  • Sacred, as in various ancient cultures

Recognizing that whoring is sacred would have many advantages.

Priestesses would be less likely to be abused than "workers." Guilt and shame would decrease for the johns. The good works of soothing, healing, and releasing that many whores perform would be given recognition and encouraged. A parish-style organizational structure would enable whores to disintermediate pimps, agencies, and mama-sans in favor of a business model of services, dedicated to a higher power, performed in a safe, clean, well-lighted, public building.

Besides: We could franchise the pro shops.



"And who said that the sex drive was not a power greater than ourselves? Why then should the sex act not be recognized as an act of worship?"

Indeed. We've got it all arsed up, haven't we?

DTG xxoo

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 09, 2004 10:09 AM  

I think, on rereading this, that I've been too strident, so I slashed out the second mention of higher power. Thanks for the comment.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at October 13, 2004 9:30 AM  

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