Viewing the local antiquities

Angel la bonne bourgeoise 

Has Angel purchased a house yet?
—No; she has leased an apartment for one year.

Where is the apartment located?
—Just off Victoria Square, where women of a certain age walk their variously sized and clad dogs.

How did Angel decide to furnish the apartment?
—She calculated the cost of renting the furniture versus buying it at Ikea and then moving it.

To what did Angel compare Ikea furniture?
—To a model: Thin-legged, and swaying.

How did Angel sum up her moving experience?
—"I am a good manager!"

What, if any, conclusions can be drawn from the length of the lease?
—Angel is confident that her arrest record will be erased at the conclusion of her probation; that she will either become a resident or her green card will be renewed; that she is financially stable.

How will Angel decorate her apartment?
—With what John gave her.

What were the consequences of the furniture being delivered late?
—John and Angel missed their appointment for lunch.

When was the appointment for lunch made?
—Between the first and the second service in the afternoon of the preceding day, a Sunday.

Did anything else occur during that session that was out of the ordinary?
—Yes. John learned what Angel wanted to be when she grew up: First, a nurse; then, an air hostess.

Did anything else occur during that session that was out of the ordinary?
—Yes. Angel said "I love you" while John was eating her.

Did anything else occur during that session that was out of the ordinary?
—Yes. John shorted Angel by leaving a {20} and a {100} on the nighstand before the services, instead of two {100}s.

Was this deliberate?
—No. Though the room was dim, the incident brings home forcibly to John that his eyesight is deteriorating with age.

What were John's thoughts?
—Embarassment; concern for Angel's relations with the house; worry that Angel's not safe when a john makes her lose focus.

Did John attempt to return the money?
—Yes. Balked at returning the money at lunch, he stopped by the brothel. Angel, however, was not there, and he did not wish to leave the money in the hands of the mama-san, who would then know what Angel's take was.

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