Viewing the local antiquities

The appointment was for 4:00. 
This time, I made sure to have a full hour. I took a quick shower, very hot: a fine misty spray with so much pressure that the curtain billowed out, and emerged, clean and warm, towel round me:

Annie was already stripped and stretched out on the bed. She opens her legs luxuriously:

"You can do whatever you want, but no fingers."

We were using this wooden-framed waterbed-like contraption without any springs: She was on top and the bang from her downstroke must have been heard above, below, left, right, out in the hall, out the window from six stories up, if the window were open.



Last time I picked out a whore of the exact right size and went back to her cube with her for an "oil massage", but got the price wrong, hadn't brought enough, and got so flustered I forgot to ask for her name [IcyEd.], even though when we said Goodbye I told her I'd be back.

So this time I told the mama-san I wanted a small girl, and held my palm at the ideal height, Lan's: 4'8".

And the mama-san sent me a tall girl, I sent her back, and soon a shorter girl opened the door:

"I'll take care of you."

We agree shower, sauna, [mimicking insertion] sex, massage, [mimicking insertion] sex.

I put my nose down on the table, my Adam's Apple hard against the small pillow: dank smell of cloth that hasn't been dry for an age. Donkey's Year's. It's too cold; the hot water only drives off the chill for a moment.

And after the massage, after she'd sucked me up stiff, I managed to hold myself back, gritting my teeth, tensing, clenching my entire body—

"You came, didn't you?"

But I stayed hard, and in two ticks she's slid herself down me and started thwacking away.

And in ninety minutes I'm out the door on the street.

So I came away feeling not entirely satisfied, since in my mind I paid for two full hours, and getting good value for money is part. Yet in her mind, she gave me good value: I paid for two comes, and really got three.

When whores bill by the come, not the hour, I miss the cuddling and the language lesson in French or Korean or English—the Just-In-Time intimacy. Yet kindly Oie asked me, after I'd put on my coat:
"You want a small girl?"

"Yes, a very small girl, even smaller than you. She wore orange sweat pants. It's not that you're not pretty."

Orange was hard for Oie to say.

"I think her name Icy. She on vacation."


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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