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More work on the index. I've been told VLA can be slow to load; making the sidebar smaller is one solution to this.



Entries about making appointments with whores.
  1. Finally, I have money
  2. I find a phonebooth
  3. It came as a surprise
  4. My rules
  5. No driver at your door
  6. Off with the shoes at the door
  7. Oie's protocol
  8. Vacance


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Entries about condoms when used during time spent with whores.
  1. All the way down to the hairs
  2. I'd practiced
  3. I thought she was Pammie
  4. It's OK
  5. Program notes
  6. She knows what I like now
  7. She was on top facing my feet
  8. Your shoes are just like mine


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Entries about dysfunction (erectile) during time spent with whores.
  1. All my life
  2. Doubt comes after certainty
  3. Hardening, softening
  4. Over time, Annie
  5. Lan lifts
  6. My first three-way
  7. She pauses atop me
  8. She went out and got a hot towel
  9. Prematurely cute
  10. "Too big"
  11. True names



Entries about the metrics of whoring.
  1. The arithmetic, i
  2. The arithmetic, ii


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Price and payment 

Entries about price and payment for time spent with whores.
  1. A nice skinny girl
  2. Cincinatti
  3. For the baby
  4. Icy
  5. Laura
  6. Taking
  7. The arithmetic


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Entries about Viagra when used during time spent with whores.
  1. Angel
  2. Achieve and sustain
  3. Finally, I have money
  4. Icy
  5. Kim
  6. Laura
  7. Little blue pills
  8. Sunday services
  9. Tina


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Friday pussy blogging 

This week, Red sneaker diaries:

Don’t touch me.

I am feeling sensitive. When I’m like this, I put up a tough façade. I wrap my outer lips around myself like a big thick blanket, keeping myself safe and cozy against the evils of the outside world. My short red hair stands on end, bristly and sharp like a blanket of quills. My guard is up – but I’m just being prissy. I just need to warm up.

As I start to awaken, my thick, pale lips start to swell and blush. Soon, they throb and pucker as blood pulses throughout. I start to quiver from deep within as my lips curl outwards invitingly. They form large, soft, orangy-red petals; lightly frosted with delicate red curls. I am friendly now, my lips held open wide and welcoming, ready to greet anything that dare venture into my glistening depths.

I am getting hot now; my clitoris is swelling erect, trying to stand proud and tall. My inter lips sit loose and cottony, hungry for light touches and ready to blossom. My inner surfaces glitter with shiny juices; my skin colour deepening all the way to purplish red. I am getting humid, sweaty, aroused.

I’m a lust driven monster; I crave something to grip, to hold, to caress. My lips reach wide, inner folds curling away from my velvety interior. I am brazen now; I don’t care - I open, wide and inviting. My surfaces are red and wet and warm to the touch; they tingle as a finger brushes me. I need more.

I want to consume, to be filled, to envelop and embrace. I have been awakened; I am hungry. I demand that I get what I want – I throb and I pulse and I quiver and I shake. I am a starving monster, no longer sensitive and shy.

Come feed me.

[All rights retained by Red sneaker diaries.]


NEXT WEEK Kim. Coming soon: Violet. Antiquarians, if you'd like to guest post about pussy drop me a line.

LAST WEEK Hiromi of Panties, panties, panties.

THIS WEEK'S FRIDAY PUSSY BLOGGERS Aphrodite, DirtyTalkingGirl, Eden Gardener, Freya, Dacia, Jane, and Pagan. With kind words from George and Pru. You too? Come on down! Or use the TechnoratiTag.

Angel's social network 

1. Brother1 ... brothern
2. Cousin 1 ... cousinN
3. Her "husband"
5. Her immigration lawyer
6. Her lawyer
7. Her accountant
8. Her probation officer
9. Her friend, Linda
10. Her friend Linda's husband
11. The friend who can get her an apartment
N Her "special friend."


Carnival of Sin 

Our reader, Angela Crackstaff, shared her reactions to this week's submissions to Carnival of Sin with me; they were memorable, but I won't repeat them, save for this one comment, scribbled in spiky red in the margin of one of the printouts: "There is nothing sinful about a blow job as such! Be interesting!"

And of course, Ms. Crackstaff is right: Sin, like sex, is in and of the mind. That said, several of this week's participant showed an eye for the devilish details that can turn the mundane into the depraved.

Red Sneaker endorses "Smart Balls," which seem to be updated ben wa balls. "Over the past two months I have noticed a massive amount of improvement in the strength of my PC muscles." The post was submitted under GLUTTONY, but where's the sin? Where's the depravity in building one's kegel power while avoiding incontinence? I fail to see. Red Sneaker is, perhaps, more a gourmette than a gourmande (at least this week).

Hustler wrote all the way from Kuala Lumpur, lol. His story, full of local color, tells of a bunch of 'china' girls aged about 20++ (not snow white and seven dwarfs ya!) who open a "clothes washing demonstration." Again, where's the sin? A charming diversions doth not LUST make.

Anita submitted two odes: One, to the giving of blow jobs: I have red, shiny lipstick on and it's smeared now, over your cock and my mouth; the other, a splendid display of anaphora, to sex: I like sex that hasn't taken place... I like sex to be messy ... I like sex..... Nothing depraved in any of this, of course.

Stolen Swan, though, does LUST proud: "I'm sure." you reply softly, and press a hotel room key into the palm of my hand.

Where there's no lust, there can still be ENVY: porn-addicted housewife A Girl From Home has decided that since I am so in love with the make-up and I have purple hair anyway, I should be a female drag queen. And there can be GREED: sk8tr-rn feels that I want him to want to be my friend, even though I don’t want to be his.

With ANGER, we have better luck. Or worse. Morally Twisted met wife #3 on the internet. Seesaw writes of Yuletide cheer with the family: My own gift from him was something I already owned.

DirtyTalkingGirl covers all seven, but one is best for February, in the dark and the deep snow. SADNESS (Tristia), or "Accidia":

I shirk my responsibilities and leave work undone, pages unwritten, coming alive only when you sniff me out.

I'll return to GLUTTONY and TrishyMouse, who seems to be fighting, and winning, her battle:

Gluttony implies selfishness, self-destructiveness. If that's what your heart is telling you, then change. Otherwise, accept who you are. Either way, use yourtime wisely...it's shorter than you realize.

Let the carnival begin!

MANY THANKS to Alexa, the carnival organizer and moving spirit. Thanks also to the revellers who submitted.


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Carnival is on the way.... 
But not until the early evening, EST. Sorry—a family emergency.


As she bends down 
to plug into the powerstrip, her indigo sweater rides up, baring the skin of the moment: the pale swells where the flesh of her hips just begins, her vertabrae, the youthful folly of a tattoo that must scrawl its green way all down her unseen left cheek.

Typing away, I still harden.

In two hours, Angel will give me a table shower. Then I'll eat her. Then, inside her, I'll come. And again. And, if I'm lucky, again.


Cleaning the house


Like any dedicated hobbyist, I've granted myself the simple pleasure of reworking my filing system—that is, the index in the sidebar at right. Of course, indexing is hot, once you think about it, but some antiquarians have also commented, in private mail, that the index is far too large, intimidating, and overshadows the entries.

Therefore, I've started to pull index categories out into posts of their own, to which I will then link from the sidebar. I started with the categories titled "Miscellaneous," which is why this morning's entries are titled Virtues and ethics, The spectrum, The letter R, Related things, and (in pride of place) Money. Ultimately, the sidebar should list individual entries only for service providers and services, with other categories on their own pages. I can then turn my mind to making individual VLA posts, erm, stickier by crosslinking in the form of the factual hypertext novel that VLA really is. My apologies to anyone who encountered these entries while their angle brackets were showing. The entries', I mean.

—John Psmyth


The letter R 

Entries about the letter R when pronounced during time spent with whores.
  1. Annie
  2. Can you show me something?
  3. Filling in the blanks
  4. I am going
  5. Jennifer
  6. No wonder
  7. Taped to the door


The spectrum 

Entries about colors encountered in time spent with whores.
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Violet.


Virtues and ethics 

Entries about the ethics of whoring and the virtues of whores.
  1. Agency theory
    1. My rules
    2. Shh....
    3. Contractual relaations
  2. Courage
    1. Quentends-je
  3. Efficiency
    1. Gabrielle returns
    2. Productivity
    3. That moment
    4. The long march
  4. Friendliness
    1. The second coming
  5. Honesty
    1. Honesty
  6. Intimacy
    1. True names
  7. Kindness
    1. Value
  8. Opportunity cost
    1. Fortunately, there are no new liens
  9. Work ethic
    1. Cheesecake
    2. Rain splatters


All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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