Viewing the local antiquities

Protect and serve 

"I have news!"


"We were robbed!

"He came in and held a gun to the mama-san's head. There were only women in the house: two downstairs, the cook and the mama-san, four up here, me and my friend and two other girls.

"All women!

"He didn't think the mama-san gave him enough, so he came here."

"He must have been crazy, to think that the money was with the girls. What did you do?"

"We called 911.

"I ran down the back stairs, down to the basement, and through the door to the next basement, and I ask the people who live there to go out to the pay phone and call the police, but they say "We can't do that!" because what they are down there to do, is cocaine."

So how did you call 911?"

"Oh, my friend used her customer's cell phone."

"And the police came?"

"Of course! That is what they are for!"

"What did they think?"

"They thought it was funny. I ran up to the street, in this, with no shoes, in the snow, and waited in an ATM."

Angel takes my hand and leads me out of the sauna into her cube.



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