Viewing the local antiquities

My second three-way. 
The madam had two whores unoccupied at the end of the night, one new, the other Jane. Already having had Jane, I pointed to the other, but the madam suggested that I take them both.

I thought it would be a two-for-one special—some massage parlors will use a "four hands" session for training, and pair an experienced masseuse with a novice—but if it was, the price was too high.

And, alas, I wasn't very imaginative. Jane from behind twirled and plucked at my nipples with wet fingers and tickled my balls when I started to come, doing the new whore doggy style: Her plump cheeks gave me good sound.

Was I the plump one's first client?

C'est facile!


Questions for study and discussion
Why not, at the next opportunity:

  1. Take one, then the other, then the one, and so forth?
  2. Have one finger your anus while you take the other?
  3. Ask one to eat out the other while you watch?
  4. Have one lick your shaft while you're up the other?
  5. Stack them face down for two vertical smiles?

All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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