Viewing the local antiquities

Archaic smiles 

Reversed in the glass, Jenny's crouched on her forearms, golden ass high: glossy black head bowed, hands cupped under the bowl that she laps from to steady it:

Her palms nudge me up: Up: My own hands slide down my thighs, pull my knees further back toward my shoulders, cant my center of gravity easily up to her feasting mouth:

Reversed in the glass: My legs, flung outward, spread even more widely: Jenny's black hair swings as she roots at my crotch: Twirls her rolled tongue hot into my asshole: Circles the rim: Sweetens my inner thighs: Circles back, sinks in me again, twirls: I'm aware that I'm cooing appreciatively:

Her tongue swipes my perineum travelling back up to my balls.

Her saliva drains warm down my asscrack.

Her skin gold my skin pink in the pink-shaded light: Her glossy head works, but all else is still.

Reversed in the glass, her round head where my cheeks split, the gentle slope of her back, leading the eyes, elated, up, caressing, up to cup her cheeks—

If they could—

My long thighs pulled back tense, my knees to my shoulders, my dangling calves, my toes pointing to heaven:

Sprung sinewy lines like the lewd artwork revealed when a kylix is drained.

(Twenty years ago, Sue called me a kouroi.)

Even the swell of my belly is beautiful.

To see, look, feel, hear: see myself taking: look at her giving: feel her hot tongue blade my anus: hear her slurping, flicking, licking, sucking: feel a puff of cool air at my anus: laughing—

While my come teased artfully up the thin throat of my shaft—






Quicksilver endlessly rising:


Plop. Slurp. Lap, lap, lap. Splurch. [Suction.] Plop.

Reversed in the glass, she lifts her head, rocks back on her heels.—


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Oh, that was fabulous! Truly, it was.

And I'm glad you're back! Though you don't really know me, I've been a long time lurker and I adore your posts.

By Blogger SD, at May 22, 2006 6:07 AM  

Thanks. I was begining to think this one didn't have any impact at all. I went back and tinkered with it just a bit.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at May 22, 2006 7:32 AM  

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