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Don't. Stop. 

Stop thinking of Angel during meetings.

Especially stop thinking of kissing your way round her inner thighs and plucking that flesh with your lips before eating her: Of getting her up on all fours and kissing her cheeks before eating her from behind: Of rimming her: Reaming her: Of drooling down onto her anus for lube while fucking her doggy style then fishhooking her.

Stop planning. Not Plan A, where you jerk off before, so you don't come too fast in the first service. Nor Plan B, where you don't, so you can come in the third: Nor plan C, where when you can't come you get on all fours and shove your ass high in the air and she reaches under you: Annoints your low-hanging cock with warm oil:

Do let her do you. With one hand curled, the other impolitely pointing: The one jerking you off, the other pumping your asshole, in rhythm: Neither stops but speeds up when you start to spasm so sweetly it's painful but pinned and held firm you can't get away.

Do bring $300 for three hours because there's a lot to catch up on. And you want to drain all your come.

Don't bring $300 because with the $80 you already owe and the house money that's way too expensive.

Now that you're starting to shout when you come, don't think you should start to talk while you fuck. And don't think about what you would say:
"How is your back?"

"You feel juicier. Did you come?"

"Do you want to be on top? That's not selfish." (As long as your thighs make that sound that they make when you're thwacking yourself to a come.)

"How do you handle the drunks at 4 in the morning?"

"Are you really 37?"

"Tell me about your friend Linda. Some whores only make love to each other. Are you one?"

"Is your new apartment your new place of business as well?"

"What do you think I'm going to do next?"

"Do you like—this?"

Don't stare at the young girls.

Don't come in your pants on the commute.

Don't wonder who she's with now.

Don't think for a minute—


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I've never known any man to 'come in his pants.' That's one experience, sadly, I've missed.
One of my girlfriends had the experience though, and after her laughter stopped she tried to make the guy feel better. Too late.

By Blogger Lili, at April 13, 2005 7:52 AM  

Ouch, John. This is hot.


DTG xxoo

By Anonymous DTGxxoo, at April 13, 2005 9:34 AM  

What never? Well, hardly ever...

And I actually did come in my pants once on the Metro -- very late at night, very jouncy ride, very demure young girl about six seats away .... Didn't even exchange a look with her.

I was very young, of course. And to even imagine this now... Well, I must be in a pitiable state, eh?

Thanks DTG....

By Blogger John Psmyth, at April 13, 2005 4:53 PM  

Reader notes:

1. Is it possible to sort posts for individual whores chronologically, as well as alphabetically as at present? This would allow the reader to get a sense of how a relationship with a particular provider unfolds.

2. Why not wonder who she's with now? Would you wonder who your lawyer or hairdresser is with now? Another client, no doubt. It's business as usual, no? Unless it's not, of course.

By Anonymous DTG xxoo, at April 14, 2005 8:53 AM  

1. (a) Possible but hard work. One problem is that relationships overlap.

(b) I'm also not sure I want to. Isn't it OK to be a puzzle or a kaleidoscope?

2. This is one of those questions that answers itself when asked. Isn't it?

By Blogger John Psmyth, at April 14, 2005 5:29 PM  

2. Oh yes, utterly rhetorical, Mr Kaleidoscope!


DTG xxoo

By Anonymous DTG xxoo, at April 15, 2005 5:59 AM  

I love this entry. It's so evocative and compelling. Needy. Emotional. Sexy. Sensual. Sad. Beautiful.

In short, it's one of your best.

By Blogger Freya, at April 15, 2005 4:51 PM  

Thanks. At some point I need to post on the etymology of Freya....

By Blogger John Psmyth, at April 15, 2005 7:01 PM  

To your earlier question, DTG. I've thought of numbering ALL posts, or at least the index entries, chronologically. That would take care of the overlap problem. But then I would have to renumber everything if I came up with an entry in the past. Another option would be to give each whore her own page, with the entries ordered there. But that means two lists to maintain, one on the sidebar, the other for each whore. So that's error prone. What I wish I could do is imagine an interesting way to hypertext the stories together to make a more textural chronology, but though I've wracked my brains I can't come up with a pretty solution....

By Blogger John Psmyth, at April 15, 2005 7:05 PM  

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