Viewing the local antiquities

I stand, legs spread, arms out, 
dripping and warm, on the worn tile. Angel is drying my body.

Thighs, belly: the towel roughsnags my cock, tugs up, releases:

Swaggeringringring, proud. She smooches my engorged tip, comments "He missed me!", stands, wraps the decency towel around me, knotting it at my hip.

She swipes back the shower curtain, grabs the bed towel from the stack on the shelf by the door.

Eying her haunches, I follow her back to our cube.


Notes and Queries


Is there one-syllable word for vaginal secretions that is as compact and vivid as "spooge"? In any language, if not English?

"Seepage" is useful, as in seepage of oil from the earth, seepage of water from cave walls.

I still want an Anglo-Saxon monosyllable, though. I've coined splurchy for a really sopping cunt—from its sound, when penetrated—so perhaps "splurch" would do for the monosyllable that I seek.



All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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