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My rules 
for doing business with a whore:

You have a business relationship with a service provider. Treat her like the independent businessperson she is: Specify the services you want, pay up front, and don't insist on services she's already said she doesn't provide. Arrive and leave on time; be clean; be polite. As in any business relationship, trust, respect, and affection can occur—or not.

I give her confidence by clipping my nails first, showering (on my own time, if an incall), and removing my watch, showing I trust her to keep track of the time fairly. With whores that I'm new to, I never put the money in her hand, because that might force her to touch me when she hasn't decided to, yet. I always put the money aside, then let her pick it up and count it. With whores I know well, I still put the money aside for her.

Remember: If she's good, she works hard. And although she makes as much as any other client-driven professional or craftsperson—a lawyer, a psychiatrist, a plumber—her work is a lot more repetitious. And dangerous. If you can manage it, don't bore her.

Two times, I've offered not to have sex with a whore after I've paid her. And each time, she's insisted on providing the service. I'm not sure that any other professional would show the same solicitude or commitment to the duties of an agent to her principal.

Don't cause her pain.



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