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We both push 
but I do most of the pulling.

I might reach under a cheek and pull up, over, when I'd like to take her up on all fours.

And then doggy styling, all the way up her, I might reach both hands under her haunches and pull up her pelvis so her cheeks squash flat at my belly.

Or pull up on her left haunch when I'd like her to roll over on her back.

Then again from beneath I might want to take control of the pace, so I'd grab both of her checks, pull her down down me, hold her in place, pull up, then ease her down me again.

Or, starting, I might quickly pull her whole torso down toward the foot of the bed, so when I'm in her and thrusting I don't bang my head on the backboard.

And though we both push in reciprocal action, she'll push with her pelvis and ass; I'll push with my hands, too: If she kisses and we've finished kissing, her head toward my nipples if I'd like her to suck them; if she's at my dick, toward my balls if I'd like to lick them; if she's at my balls, toward my
anus if I'd like her to rim me.

We both push, I pull her; only rarely does she pull me.


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All characters and situations fictional. Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by "John Psmyth."
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