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When I had my head bent down over the funkier alternative paper, my waitress told me that "Missed Connections" was full of interesting messages this week.

In a very deliberate way.

I took my cue, but didn't none of the posts struck a chord. Then she was absent for a few weeks; last night she was back. In our converasation, she worked her way round to her student loans.

Is she looking to be kept? {400} for a session every other week wouldn't be bad. {600} would be high. Nicer. And no house money. She would probably want more, though. What would her student loan be? Her rent?

An "undergraduate" (she said) would present some advantages: I haven't eaten a girl in some time. And if she were adventerous, perhaps I could get her to peg me—avoiding the 100% females.

What would she be? Not "whore," since a whore's choice of clients is limited, especially in a brothel. But not a heterae either; I don't want to do gifts or play games; I want a sure thing. We might settle on "courtesan."

A flowing stride, like a nurse in flat shoes; a straight-backed stance. Taller than I like; but fat lips made for nibbling, and perhaps a sense of irony.

Would the headline have been "sugar daddy"? (See, e.g., Brown Sugar.) Last night I looked for that weekly, but couldn't find it.



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