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Since I'm planning for Jennifer's return, I decide to lay in supplies, but at this point, I'm plastic—though not latex—-free; I don't even have a checking account. This great country, however, makes it easy to purchase Viagra: One USA Today advertiser offers the option of paying by wire transfer via Western Union.

So I make the call, and undergo the protocol which—surprise!—I pass with flying colors. Of course, I have no insurance, I lied on that question, and of course I haven't had a medical exam in the last year, because with no money that's hard, so I lied on that too, but presumably the point of the protocol is not to screen, but to avoid liability, so I don't feel too bad.

So then the little blue tabs came via FedEx, bearing their gift: Not a pharmaceutical hard-on, but the induced mindset that what worked once, twice, many times will work yet again, so my head doesn't soften me.

It's the Protestant fuck ethic: With a whore, the opportunity cost of a lost erection is high, so don't let that happen! Although given the givens of dating, the same is true for that kind of sex too.

Vive la Viagra!


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