Viewing the local antiquities

She went out and got a hot towel, 
came back, cleaned me off, hardened me up again right away, clambered on top, put me up her, and started to grind.

It didn't do a lot for me: I had that kind of erection where, when I lift her off and check with my hand, I'm three-quarters hard:

Slightly floppy.

Though she was the right size, Lan's size, half-hard I stayed: We tried doggy style, but though she gave me good sound, nothing sweetened; we tried missionary, but to me that started feeling like work; she said "Let's try this," put her legs together, I suppose to tighten herself, then put me in her again, and on and on and on I worked—



"It's not going to happen. We started too soon."

All my life I've always come twice: Once fast, then more slowly. But this time plus Tina makes two times I've had a quick come, and then nothing.

It could be that we started too soon.

It could be that she, with lube and hard use, was slightly too loose and I, lacking Viagra, was slightly too soft, and the friction was not up to spec.

Stress at work?

Too much weight?

Jennifer never returning?

Am I losing my strength?


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