Viewing the local antiquities

Above all, no sentimentality. 

All that week I got hard when I thought about what to ask Jade1 for the next time she serviced me. What sensations, how long, how much; could I cut out the agency so we both got more money?

{140} for one service is too much, since other agencies give me two services for that price; but she is young, slim, and Asian, and so she commands a premium. Two services would be {210}; we both know that's too much. How about {180} for two services with no blowjob but she does suck my balls? {240} for three services in one and a half hours? What about a handjob for a throwaway come? What about the whole night?

This morning at the bus stop, I stood in line behind a young Chinese girl: the curl of her glossy hair, nestled about her ear, the earlobe I'd like to nibble on; the private curve of her cheekbone, just seen from the back. She stood so straight, braced against the weight of her backpack. A serious girl.



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